what flourishes should i do ?

Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
arab's got talent? wow, the proliferation of that show is epic.

well, flourishes that people seem to respond well to include large displays, i.e. Lethal X, Leno Cut, etc. Recognizable ones like the spring, one hand shuffle etc. Aerials, with cards flying through the air, stuff like that. Think back to when you started flourishing. What drew you in, what made you go HOLY ****!!!
Oct 1, 2010
in my mind i want to do this things crabshack _ preqel _poco_M4HW_sybil variation of mine_Kr cut _lenocutbut i cant do it and i need 2 monthes can i perfect it ? with werm and i think i should win :D but i want to remain things to the semi finals what should i start with and end with ? ? ?
Feb 6, 2011
alejandro portello did some flourishes for a talent show in spain , not too long ago . you can probably find the video somewhere on youtube. all i can remember is he did the WERM(not the dance move) and some arm speads
Nov 27, 2010
Just do some awesome displays just make it more fancy and dramatic. For example do what bone ho did on his performance of the eye cut. Or do some handlordz style moves. Remember XCM is good for stage shows, flourishing is good for street preforming.
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May 19, 2010
Do "big" flourishes like the spring, card in fan, and displays. If you do things like crab shack, although it might take more talent, people won't respect it as much as say a large waterfall drop.
Sep 2, 2007
I agree with all the previous posters who've recommended big moves. However, also spend a lot of time thinking about and practicing your posture, the movement of your whole body, your face, and your overall persona. People don't care about cards, they care about people, so you need to come across as an engaging performer, not just as someone who can do some things with cards.
Jul 9, 2010
I say you do J5 but dont do leno make some other huge display fit in with it and i think that the werm would be good as maybe a starter to your show
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