What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Zeus375, Jan 2, 2008.

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    .....I know that XB vol. 2 is coming out soon along with De'vo's "Schattenreich dvd" and that Daniel Madison is supposedly going to be releasing a new dvd. But what are you guys most looking forward too? If anything?

  2. I'm waiting for the new dvd by dan and dave that they wanna release in summer 2008 as a sequel on the trilogy
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    Whoa, didn't know about that one.

    I'm personally looking forward to the Schattenreich dvd. It's supposed to include the basics for his underground concept "motions" which has gotten more than praise from the Flourishman himself. He said motions would make as big of an impact as the Sybil cut did when it first hit the mainstream.
  4. Threshold by David Engle. Its suppose to be released soon, and it has a diffuculty level of between XB, and the system, which is were i am..
  5. By motions, you mean how the body (or in this case, just hands) poses, or how it moves while doing flourishes?

    For example, single card flips, if you just flip them by itself, it looks blagh. But if you move your hands in such a way, it looks cooler. Am I right?
  6. I'm looking forward to the Virts' dvd
  7. Only a few people actually know what De'vo's "motions" are, and I'm not one of them. I do know that it's a brand new flourishing concept though, Kind of like how 2 handed multi-packet cuts are a concept and how fanning is a concept.
  8. Motions doesn't exist newbies.
  9. de'vo is going to put it in his new dvd, i think he'll have a tough time if it doesnt exist.. so think a little please

    i'm waiting for de'vo's schattenreich ofcourse
  10. I've heard news of Kevin Ho releasing a dvd so I'm pretty excited for that but also Daniel Madison's new dvd which I believe will be titled "Dangerous".

  11. i know what EVERYONE is waiting for.... my... BACKFLIP.... MADONNACULE FIVE! .... and my lenophone display.... and my ... my.... MECKO... lol im just jokin hahaahha
  12. I will definitely buy anything by the Virts. They are pure awesomeness.

    Despite the fact my TnR Project hasn't arrived yet.... ;(
  13. The footage for the DVD of virtuoso has allready been shot and this footage is in Huron his hands right now. However Huron was pretty busy with his T&R project DVD's so I dont think it is actually making that much progress. I believe (not sure) that Kevin Ho said he was maybe going to shoot a DVD with exclusive moves he made.

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    I'm looking forward to EVERY flourishing DVD that comes out in 2008! virts, DBsquared, dan madison will introduce tons of cuts , aerials, and multi-packet displays that I can't wait to see, as well as some stylishly edited hand-waving I'm sure. De'vo will no doubt have the highest production quality DVDs with some STELLAR guest artists (can't wait to learn Rick Smith Jr's card throwing... and Angela Funovitz... ohhhhh she is so fine) plus I think we may see some output from Bone Ho, I really need to learn that anaconda, and other members have said they might be working on DVDs such as DanceDany on his youtube.

    but if I had to choose one I'm most excited about, probably the Flourishman's next companion DVD (if it comes out), if not that one than XB2 and shattenreich.

    i wonder wtf motions is?
  15. i wonder what XB 2 is going to have to offer.
  16. Well we know that it's kind of its own thing and doesn't build up from XB 1. Other than that and the little card throwing demonstration we don't really know. And on the topic of the card throwing, that's crazy! Rick throws the things like frickin darts!
  17. Nothing can beat the Virts!! WOAH!

    But that Kevin DVD sounds interesting, I havn't heard about that before..
  18. The Virts DVD!

    Hopefully Daren can teach better... :p

    Also the 3rd XB DVD( I don't own XB at all but I will when they release the 3rd DVD), the 4th DVD for the Trilogy.

    That's about it, not really that into flourishing as of now.
  19. Well it's actually a 3rd AND 4th dvd for XB that makes up vol. 2, which is going to be a whole separate thing from vol. 1.

    Also, if a 4th disc is made for the Trilogy then wouldn't it become the...Qualogy?

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