What Gambling Material Should Look Like

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jason Ladanye, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. What are your favorite gambling routines?
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  2. Hmnnn...
    Gambling routines are amazing, but I have ironically seen just a rare few.
    It'll be cool to have an SNC about that... [insert thinking emoji]
  3. Jason, I like the routine, but just out of curiosity: Is there a particular reason you call attention to the fact that the cards "all come off the top"? In my experience (which is quite limited, granted), just about nobody knows about bottom or second dealing. The only instance in which I might want to call attention to the existence of such a technique (one I might want to use later on in the show), is when I've already done a demo of bottom or second deals. However, in this case most spectators can't tell the difference between a fair and a false deal, and from watching your videos I know that your false deals are far better than mine, so the spectator would be even less inclined to believe you.
    It would be kind of you to explain your reasoning behind this line.
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