What happened the THE WIRE?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shinichikudo992000, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. I realized that THE WIRE is vanished.
  2. They probably took it down cuz everyone kept asking about it. They're probably still working on it but decided it was best to take it down for now.
  3. hopefully.
  4. Jonathan Bayme said on the forums that he would have some form of announcement within 24 hours.

    He said this... A WEEK AGO.

    I mean, come on.
  5. Sorry for being a week late, bro. Sorry that I have a life.
  6. I'm not going to judge but if i had a dollar for every time someone made a Wire thread(especially the past week) i would have a wicked book collection on my hands.

    The new search function is in one of the easiest spots out there. Seeing that you are a long timer i would like to feel that you know what happens to these threads.

  7. Are you dim? He said that JB said there would "be an announcement about the Wire within 24 hours", which was a week ago, meaning that the announcement should have been a week ago. He wasn't saying you're a week late to the party.
  8. This whole 'The Wire' thing, seems to me, to have been blown waaay out of proportion... I mean come on, I honestly don't believe that, no matter what it might be, it cannot live up to all this hype which surrounds it. It has really become a farce with all these threads asking what it is, and when do we know something more. But the truth is we never learn anything new about it. At least nothing has been revealed yet since the beginning of Theory11. I was excited about this when I first joined the site, but because of all of that secrecy and everything, I personally do not care about it anymore.

    To me, and that is just my opinion, it seems like The Wire was something they thought about in the beginning and along the way they focused on other things, such as 1-on-1's and so forth. And the concept was lost and became unimportant for the whole experience that is Theory11.

    Now, it has almost become a myth and everyone wants to know what it might be, because of the fact that nobody knows anything about it. Seriously, I don't think it will do much to improve the whole experience we already have. It would be fun to know what thoughts the staff had regarding the plans for it, but does it really matter anymore if we get to know what it is or not?

    If the team doesn't wants us to know, they won't tell us. If and when they'll tell us, we'll probably know straight away on the forums, don't you agree? :)

  9. Agreed.

  10. I can't wait to see everybody disappointed because something didn't live up to 3 years of hype.
  11. Someone should ask this question again for good measure...

  12. (clears throat) I was the first person to ask about the wire on the new site! lol, but seriously. 3 years of hype, that must be something pretty ridiculous.
  13. I honestly doubt that theres gonna be anything important. JB said that there would be an announcement made within 24 hours and now its coming up on 2 weeks. I think they're hoping it just dies because they killed the idea.
  14. Just to confirm - we are actively working on this with input from multiple artists and will post details and information as soon as it is available.
  15. Just to confirm.. we've all heard that one before... ;)

    Just razin' ya.. do your thing. :)

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