What happened to the Smoke and Mirrors preview video?

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  1. The video the bucks made for the smoke and mirrors deck was the 2nd lowest rated video ever made by t11, it didnt show any flourishing but, it said "Official teaser video for Smoke & Mirrors - now available here. Full preview video will be released soon" and a month laterer the full preview video has not been released? did I miss it :confused:
  2. I don't know.. maybe they got lazy and said "screw it."

    Anyways, the big question here is... when are you going to have that S&M review up?
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    I've been wondering about that too. They said they were still editing it. But, a month is a bit long...
  4. There's already a thread for this and this is what they said

  5. I wonder what the second editions will be like. Trash I think you should hold your review till these come out.
  6. I'll be disappointed if too much is changed, to be honest, especially design wise. Still, it'll be interesting to see.
  7. Id like to see a review on the first one! Dont hold back...
  8. If they just sent the 2nd edition to get printed I gotta wait to put up the review, damn, I hate how the older ones arent up to date (like the E deck review talk about "the black ghost deck should be good"). I'll just do the split spades review in the mean time, but Im excited to see what differences the twinz made.

    also "No trailer was ever promised" uhm, bull sh*t? it says "full preview video will be released soon"

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