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What happened with these Rider Backs?


Aug 20, 2010
There are two types of "807" deck. There are decks that have an 807 in a serial number on the bottom of the box, and there are decks marketed by USPC through Wingra Direct as "Bicycle 807." The USPC product is indeed a slightly updated version of the original box design, made specifically because of the demand, largely from magicians, for the design - many tricks rely on certain elements of the old box's design, especially the card back image on the back of the box. In 2014, they started selling them at Wingra Direct's site, specifically at - as you can see from the pictures there, the blue decks have blue seals (just like yours), while the red decks have black seals. The cards in the box, to the best of my knowledge, are identical to the cards packaged in the modern "Bicycle Standard" box and they are all manufactured in Erlanger, KY.
Mar 15, 2018
The person that wrote that is Don Boyer. He's very well informed and respected, and is in the executive of the 52 Plus Joker playing card club.

That's great and reliable info.
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