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  1. So i got three decks of players today and i went to open one and i noticed something. you know those stickers you have to cut to open cards? there was two. one on top of the other. so i peel off the first one and the second one is already broken. it basically looks like someone broke the sticker, then put another one on top of the broken one. all three decks are like this. i got these early in the SNC so im not sure if anyone has theirs yet, but if you do can you see if your are like this? Heres some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/0TOHc
  2. Maybe those were used in the trailer?
  3. that was my first thought but the cards are brand new.
  4. wow

    that just......

  5. Were they sealed in plastic?
  6. Well it is Daniel Madison's deck of cards, maybe there's something secret left inside?
  7. yes they were sealed in plastic. oh, and im not sure if this was printed on all decks, or if he actually wrote it and thats why there was 2 seals, but i did find this: [​IMG]
  8. Oooooo, a conspiracy.
  9. Hey PurpleMustache,

    You received the same kind of decks I received! Here is what is up. The US Playing Card Company, before cello-wrapping the decks, opens (and breaks the seal on) a small number of decks for quality control purposes. They then re-pack and reseal the small number of decks before cello-wrapping them all. Apparently the handful of test decks that were opened were shipped to us with the rest of our shipment. With the three that you have found, nearly every single deck that was opened has been accounted for. The cards should be in prime condition otherwise.

    Check your PM box, as I have sent you additional information there.

    Have an awesome day!

    // L

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