What inspired you to get in to flourishing.

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    I just wanted to know what got you guys started in cardistry.
  2. De'Vo's Xtreme Beginners got me started with cuts. When I started card magid I always carried a deck of cards with me to practice slieghts when no one was looking. As a personal trainer, I'm always around people, so I started practicing flourishing, just to have something to do with the cards without tipping off to people I was a card magician... Got the System... and I got really hooked when The Trilogy came out. Now I'm the Card-Juggler-Guy-Who-Does-Cool-Magic-Tricks-Every-Once-In-A-While...
  3. Firstly, I thought that learning flourishes would improve my control over cards and sleights, and I think it did. Secondly, I do flourishes whenever I'm bored practicing sleights.
  4. Interest

    What sparked my interest in card flourishes was the want of something to practice and the want of something to further and increase my dexterity with a deck of cards when not performing magic. I'm so happy I got into the art.

    -Jon R.
  5. Not having what to do.
  6. Nothing..

    im just bored on tricks so i tried flourish. :)
  7. I have to say that Portable Playground on Youtube really got me started. I loved the way Kevin Ho and the Buck brothers could do all of this crap. Here is the link for anyone interested.

  8. The Virts and Dan and Dave
  9. Saw Smokin' Aces last summer, so, indirectly, Dan and Dave. The scene where he does sybil and the carnahan fan was crazy.
  10. i like flowers, that got me into cardistry
  11. Flowers got you into flourishing, as it were?

    I got started after learning the Thumb Fan and the Charlier Cut from a magic book, and wondered if there were other ways of manipulating cards in an aesthetic fashion, so I found some HL stuff on youtube, and that had me hooked.
  12. well, i was...raised by a pack of wolves. card flourishing wolves.

  13. Well, first I got into magic. Then I found Portable Playground and I was stunned. But I thought it would be impossible for me to do that. Then I bought Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control and I got hooked on Sybil. Ever since then, I've been flourishing. And a lot of my flourishes are Sybils. (lol:D)

    P.S. I've been flourishing for about a year and a half.
  14. I got insiped by watching the film smoking aces when buddy "aces" Isreal was sitting on the steps doin card flourishes and it tured out he done the carhan fan phase 1 of jackson 5 and the le paul spread and it also turned out the Dan And Dave doubled for him so when i saw that sceane i was hooked like a junky on crack

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