What is a lecture?

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  2. They're not dumb, 7 months isn't that long as far as magicians go and many magicians go years without attending them.

    Lectures are ways for magicians to share their knowledge and effects with other magicians. Many creators hold lecture tours and go state to state (or overseas) and teach magic. The effects taught are usually top notch and the magicians carry material that you can purchase to learn either the same routines further or more of their material if you enjoyed the lecture.

    It usually costs money to attend (nominal fee that is usually nothing compared to the knowledge you're about to receive) and some of them are followed by workshops.

    Conventions (Magic-Con for example) usually host many lectures that you, as an attendee, are able to sit in on for the cost of the convention.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'm sure someone will have something to add eventually.
  3. Thanks for the help :)
    If you want anything in return just ask.
  4. I'm decently new as well. Anyone mind telling me what a "workshop" is?
  5. Also known as a garage, a workshop is a place/shop where you do work. Hope I helped :)
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    Lecture lenghts vary....from the ones ive gone to they've varied from 1-2 hours minimum, some over that. Also they take a break half way through...so you get one half of the lecture then you get a chance to just talk to other people there or buy stuff then you get the second half of it. I would suggest checking out the magicians before you go to their lecture so you have an idea of what to expect and know if you like their material. Also a lot of magicians have lecture notes of the things they taught that you can buy after.


    P.S. - If you ever have any questions about anything feel free to shoot me a PM I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have [and you WONT have to worry about me thinking their stupid]
  7. Ah thanks. Make sure to remind me of this before I help you :)

  8. I actually thought you were joking with "what is a workshop." Now I think you were not. I'll remind myself not to be helped by you. No need to remind you bro. Learning basic terms comes easier when there isn't so much to think about.

    [Edited] Please tell me you were joking!
  9. workshops are like lectures but much smaller and more hands on. The magician holding it will have like 5-10 people around a table and they will be working on something specific. Like a thumb tip workshop, or card workshop (although its usually more specific than just "cards") something like false shuffles, or palming. Or some coin sleight or concept, etc.

    One big difference in my mind is that people generally go to a lecture to see a famous magician and people generally go to a workshop to work on a specific aspect of their magic.
  10. It's not stupid, I have been in magic for nearly four years and havn't yet been to a lecture (though there are none around me, oh well) You may also hear about lecture notes. From what I know these are usually booklets that magicians will hand out at the lectures with several effects and hint/tips. Some sites such as D&D will sell them as well.
  11. It does depend on the occasion, but lecture notes are rarely just handed out, but cost a small fee.

    Usually, lectures last anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours.

    All of the lectures I have attended have been with magic societies that I have been a member of, so the fee for the lectures was very small or sometimes even free, but the society membership fee also partially goes towards lecturers over each year.

    Workshops can be much bigger than just 10 people. The real difference is the hands-on feel of a workshop. In a lecture, you are merely watching and listening most of the time, whereas a workshop involves a lot more participation as you try things out for yourself.

  12. I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Sunday Jason England will be here in Edmonton doing a workshop, and then doing his lecture the next evening.

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