What is "Bobo's"?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by RandomHoodedStranger, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. I recently asked aomeone on instagram that was doing a live show "Where is a good place to begin for one wishing to learn coin sleights?", to which he replied "Bobo's, definitely Bobo's. That's where I learned most of the core concepts", which is precisely what I'm looking for. I asked what Bobo's was, but my question was lost in the feed.
    Any help?
    Also, any suggestions of your own?

    I wiuld like to point out that I don't really consider myself a magician. What I am most interested in is sleight of hand - of ALL kinds. My goal is to eventually be good enough to make any object seemingly disappear and reappear at will. I started with cards and am having a blast with that, next is coins. :)


  2. J.B.Bobo is the writer of probably the most iconic and famous book on coin magic. It is called Modern coin magic and I also think is the best place to start learning.

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