What is it with people on the forums?

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  1. These days, it's getting more and more often that i go on a forum thread only to find it grows into an argument between two people. I think this seems stupid considering that the person who started the thread, normally not one of the people arguing, just wanted some help in a situation or to hear other people's opinions on a subject. It's starting to annoy me, so I thought I should throw this out there and see what you guys think. After all, we're all on here for the same reason: WE LIKE MAGIC :)
  2. +1 Deadpool.
  3. It's because some people here have very strong opinions.
  4. don't feed the trolls simple as that
  5. Imagine going to a pro sports game in a stadium. Imagine that, in addition to the referees and the announcer, they gave one person in the stands a microphone to comment on everything over the loudspeaker system too. Now imagine that they gave such a microphone to everyone in the stands. Imagine how long it would remain on topic. Imagine how long it would remain civil. And now imagine that they gave another one of those microphpones to everyone watching the game at home. You're not imagining. You're on the Internet. You're dealing with humans and human nature.
  6. In the forums you have several things mixed into one arena; strong opinions tied to strong personalities is just one, the other ingredients include Armchair Experts -- the clowns that speak with authority who've might do a couple of charity shows a year, if that. But the love to argue with the next group; Experienced Pros that have been on stage for over a decade or two working within and with the very areas the former is trying to come off as being the superior source on, most of whom couldn't tell you what move a real performer is using, where and when without a cue chart. Then you have the Hobbyist that feels like a kid in a candy store; they aren't certain what flavor they like most and want to dabble with all of it and loathe being told "NO, now make-up your mind."

    I've been the catalyst to more arguments and thread lockings throughout the Magic side of the Internet than most anyone because I am impassioned, I've been doing this stuff for over three decades now in the real world and on the creative side, I've won my fair share of accolades. In other words, I've EARNED the right to be a stick-in-the-mud here and there. The irony being that most of what I share that creates these "problems" ultimately becomes a point of view that many wake-up to later and send me thank you as well as apology notes around. That's my pay-off and a trade-off I'm more than willing to accept; so what if I'm seen as a belligerent hot-head by a handful of people who THINK they are important, if I can excite a young mind and help them actually learn about Magic or Mentalism, that's all that matters to me. Besides, I end up winning out over the negative reputation in the long run.

    It's been explained to me that one reason I up-set so many is "jealousy" -- I tend to know a wee bit more than the average bear and I freely share it (you ought to see the nasty notes I got so far this week on my latest FREE eBook because what I give away for FREE as a foundation for the novice, several seasoned pros are seeing as "advanced" stuff that I should be charging for.) Such material was given to me by old timers that had gone around the career circuit, so why should I hold back?

    If I push your buttons, ask me what's up and maybe we can resolve the issue without creating a problem in a thread that affects everyone else, but understand that this old bear bites back and rarely backs down when poked. So, "sorry" in advance.
  7. Something I've experienced more than arguing is sarcasm, and a lot of it. I recently experienced it personally on the D&D forums and it's quite annoying. I was asking if anyone knew whether a color change I created was indeed original or not. Someone replied stating that a guy whose name obviously didn't exist came up with the move in the 40's. Of course it wasn't legitimate and it just got on my nerves. In my opinion, the magic community is gaining a little bit more hate because of the sarcastic and immature kids that come on here. It's just something you've gotta deal with though.

    By the way, feel free to check out my color change I was talking about. Just a heads up... it looks like the clipshift but the mechanics and "set-up" are different.


  8. Don`t misudnerstand me, but I find it quite amusing sometimes. When I´m reading a new thread @ Magic Cafè for example, and Mr. Lorayne pops in, I know it will be quite amusing. Then I grab a pack of popcorn and lean back. That`s modern entertainment, tragic comedy at its best :)
  9. Because we're human and we all don't agree on EVERY SINGLE thing.
  10. I know exactly what you are talking about.

    No further comment =)
  11. And not to mention a definite lack of humility...
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    Simply because lots of people these days lack two valuable skills; the ability to tolerate another person's opinion and the realization that fighting will never change it.

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