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    Hey i bought some roughing fluid from my magic store in town it looks like something they bought from like a hobby store and tore off the label and put theirs on is it something i can buy from a hobby store ? it looks liek the spray cans they use for models..

    i know you make your own invisible decks with it..
  2. Yes, what you probably bought is testors dullcote, I'm not sure exactilly what it's original purpose is, but it's about 5 bucks cheaper at the hobby store..
  3. If you didn't know what it was, why'd you buy it?
  4. exactly what i was thinking

    maybe to try it out???
  5. It is so can make your own invisible deck. using that application u can create your own effects with it
  6. no no haha i know what it was used for ... i was wondering what the actual liquid was'

    thanks guys now i know to go to my hobby store next time! : )
  7. there's a few other things that can work like roughing fluid, so it could be any one of those things. or rather "roughing fluid" can be any one of those things.

    Testors Dullcoat (as stated above) is one of them.

    I noticed the roughing fluid they sell around here comes in those mini cans, so I'm guessing they're slightly different than any substitutes.

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