What is Sybil?

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  1. This may sound like a stupid question, but what exactly is sybil? is it just a flourish? cuz ive been hearing so much about it, so is it just a really famous flourish?
  2. its is a flourish and also a basis of many other flourishes like the jackson five or sybil in the rain. Its actually the first flourish i ever learned and i had a hard time doing it since i was new to cardistry, haha, i remember those days :p
    now im pretty good at it
  3. Sybil Was Created by Chris Kenner and like said above is the basis for many flourishes Such as sybil in the rain, jackson 5 and so on it can be found in his book Totaly Out of Control and On the New Dvd set coming Soon
  4. Check out youtube to see what the sybil actually looks like. Im very sure you have seen it somewhere before, because it is the basis for alot of flourishes.
  5. Chris Kenner published two flourish cuts in Totally Out of Control. The Sybil doesn't really bear much resemblence to recent moves with "Sybil" in the name, looking more like Dan and Dave's Genesis or the end of Brian Tudor's Castro Cut. The other one, Five Faces of Sybil, is the one that looks more like the current Sybil stuff, and is a lot like an extended version of Gianni Mattiolo's Ultimate Illogical Shuffle, published in Apocalypse.
  6. If you knew the story of Sybil,It was a women named Shirley Ardell Mason, who had 16 different personalities. Which is where I believe the different cut's come into play.... hence the name 5 faces of Sybil.

    That's my view of where the name came from!

    The cut's were the first of it's kind.. and the whole flourishing community has a lot of thanks to give to Kenner... Thank you!:)
  7. sybil is a flourish, the perfect sybil is what the hell happened to sybil 3 by Brian Tudor
  8. It's the basis for most two-handed-cut flourishes. Type Sybil in youtube, and you'll see it.
  9. No it's not. You're thinking of Five Faces of Sybil, which looks almost completely different.
  10. There's so many other two-handed cuts out that that don't use the sybil concept.

    You guys have to open your eyes a bit more.
  11. you really are brianation X!!!

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