What is the best iPhone trick?

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  1. What is the best magic app or general trick you can do with an iPhone?

    I've seen a bunch; iForce, City Prediction, etc. but are there any that really stand out as the best?

    Thanks guys!
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    The best (in my opinion) is the phone number prediction. I think it is the best because you can make it with the spectator's iPhone or with yours. It is totally impromptu.
  3. Yes I perform that one its one of my favorite tricks! Now that is very similar to the trick on The Wire, "Non-Toxic." Do you know if they are the same?
  4. They're different.
    I recommend: Any dice, Iunlockyourmind, social media magic, card2phone, mental killer
  5. Daniel Garcia's iCard is my personal favorite, no app needed.

    || Steven
  6. I love Rich Ferguson's A.I. Magic, Siri reads your mind.
  7. I think the best technological magic is the stuff that makes it seem like the iPhone (in this case) is incidental. As if you're just using it because it's there and handy. If you are using a specific app, then people will usually think it's the app doing it. In a thread on another forum someone put it really well - People don't really know how their phones work. So in a way, phones are magical - they can do anything. So if something happens, and it seems to be something the phone did, people will assume it's an app.

    There are obviously exceptions to this, but I think that's generally how it works.

    So that being said, I think one should look for things that make it seem, as I said, like the device is just a convenience because it's there - not a necessity for the trick. City Prediction is pretty good from what I hear (I don't have an iPhone so I can't even test it out). The method is solid and the presentation Soma gives is logical - which creates a trap for the spectator's mind. SuperThump or SupaThump, something like that, is another one that's similar in that it lets you predict or divine information. In some ways it's more versatile than City Prediction but in other ways it's more restricted.

    I liked iPredict but never really used it much myself. It can definitely be done in such a way that makes the device seem ancillary.

    There's a couple other ones whose names are escaping me at the moment. One actually edits an image of a card into the picture taken in real time - that's pretty snazzy but I'd never use it.
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  8. Hey Everyone,

    My personal favourite is City Prediction, because it happens on the spectator's iPhone and he/she can name ANY CITY without any force or restriction and the magician never touches his/her iPhone after that. You should see it in action:


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  9. I agree 100%. I have performed magic that relies on the phone though and I'm amazed that I still get decent reactions.
  10. I love IUnlockYourMind and Augure both by Myke Phillips. The problem is that they released Augure too early and it failed on me at my premiere show at the Hyatt in Daytona last week. I had to back peddle like a champ. GREAT effect! I just wish they would have beta tested it more before releasing. I mean beta this stuff dont make your end users your testers! Perhaps it is because I performed in front of execs for hyatt, but they let me down. ;0(
  11. I love the effect of My Pet Boris, the reactions are awesome and isn't expensive
  12. Scribble by jeff prace and my pet Boris
  13. My favorite is Oko - Magic Trick. Very simple to do and no need any special gadgets. The only thing it is available only for iPhone.
  14. EDIT: My preferred phone trick is iCard by Daniel Garcia, which was previously mentioned. It is simplistic and doesn't require that many gimmicks. I recommend using this on your own phone, rather than the spectators (if that helps in anyway).

    The only other iPhone trick I can recommend is "The Case" by SansMind. It's great for working and utilising the important elements of magic, and has some great reactions.

    I apologise if this doesn't answer your question. Whilst I do have an iPhone, I don't use it in performances, because it dies halfway through the evening.
  15. I don't know the name of it but Patrick Kun has a cool "Card to Instagram" effect out that uses a normal IG account. You don't need to purchase any additional ads and it works on a borrowed phone
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  16. I am going to say Cipher by Will Jones, Geraint Clarke and Lloyd Barnes, newly released on Ellusionist. Arguably, this is the most useful tool for mentalism I have seen in a long time.

    The effect it has on the audience is outstanding: Spectators will believe that you proplessly found out their zodiac sign, date of birth, day of the week of birth, pin code of their phone (!), and more. Also, it creates a strong Toxic effect.
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  17. not sure if it is your cup of tea, but i actually really enjoy "phone vanish" by T11... its pretty cool! Easy to do
  18. My two favorite effects currently that use phones have to be phone vanish by T11, and Cipher by E. Both are awesome, and I'm not usually one to work with phones. All the same, I love them.
  19. I already said this once, but I think the only things worth doing are the ones that make it seem like the phone itself is incidental.

    To that end, I do like Cipher a lot. It's really "natural" looking and highly effective, and Will is knocking it out the park with taking care of issues and adding good features.

    Mark Calabrese just released "Social Medium", too, and that's awesome. No special app, it just uses Instagram (And apparently can be done with other social media platforms but I haven't been able to watch the whole video yet)
  20. I truly cannot complain. I don’t know how hard it is to write an iPhine app, and to have the inspiration...wow.

    Back in the mid-80s, I worked at a magic shop, and it sharpened my mind and opened me up socially. I think it had a lot to do with me getting a Math PhD and French Lit MA.

    It’s now 30+ years later and I’m back to magic, trying to treat depression related to 5+ years of unemployment. I gotta admit I dropped my phone looking at the price of these apps! Wow. I guess they’re priced for professionals, just like expensive equipment.

    I’m really just disappointed—I’ve got my iPhone with me all the time, and it’s easier to introduce into an interaction than a pack of cards.

    That said, I have iForce and Card2Phone. I bought Card Now but find it unusable.

    Any other apps that are less than $10–well, less than $5 probably, that aren’t silly “I’ll remove the card you pick” types?

    For example, Ellusionist’s invisible deck. I performed invisible deck a million times at The Magic Corner, and I don’t carry that around. Worth it?

    Also, any opinions on the Magic Education apps? 52 card’s was free, and although I *think* all it does is show YouTube videos, I do like having the videos organized.

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