What is the best mental book reading test on the market right now?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jedijames, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Hello. I am looking for a mental book reading test where the spectators can look at any page and any word or image and I know exactly what they are thinking of.

    I had a look but it seems like there are millions of this kind of effect by different artists.

    I am looking for a practical and if possible impromptu way of finding out which word they are thinking of.

    Hope you can help.

    Best regards,
    Dario James
  2. your post doesn´t make it easy for us.

    Every booktest has its pros and cons. There is no such thing as a simple. Lokk in the book and I tell you waht you are thinking. Considering the ideal booktest for you , you should also consider your presentation. What will you sa in the beginning. What i the issue of this all? Where is your script?

    Mentalism is much more difficult than you think. The words, the things you say are most important. Not the mechanism of the trick.

    Learn the basics in mentalism and then you will know which test is right for you.

    Considering what you say, your effect description comes close to "the Mother Of All Booktests". Also, you may check out my own booktest in Psychological Subtleties2 by Banachek.

    Learn, learn , learn. Mentalism is very difficult to perform convincingly.

  3. I will just ask here, because i dont want to start another thread... What is the best plase to start learning mentalism, in other words, what is the Royal Road to Mentalism? :)
  4. Probably the most suggested starting point would be the book "13 Steps to Mentalism". Of course it depends if there's any specific mentalism you wanted to get into, but that covers things well.
  5. Great, thanx, i will deffinetly look into that... It doesnt have to be a book, a DVD is fine to, or even a series of DVD's... Really anything that can get me started... I really dont know what kind of mentalisam i want to do yet, that is why i need something that can tell me a little about the types of mentalisam that is out there...
  6. Jedijames there are a lot of methods for the book test, I would suggest finding as many as you can and deciding which method you prefer and what will fit the style of performance you are looking for... The book tests I use on a regular basis are book test for dummies 1 @ 2

    Book test for dummies 1 (found in Patrick kuffs "mind stunts volume 1") is totally impromptu and is the one I use most often (I performed it when doing some walk around/close up magic at the edinburgh festival, I asked wether anyone had a book with them in their bag as it is very common these days, a woman let me borrow a paperback and I got a huge reaction from the effect) and I highly recommend it.

    Book test for dummies 2 (found in Patrick kuffs "mind stunts volume 2") uses a small gimmick which you should have no problem getting hold of and is a very powerful effect and the reactions I have gotten are fantastic.

    And to toby I would second 13 steps to mentalism, and for a great resource of mentalism effects I would suggest Prism by max maven
  7. If you prefer visual aid, you can't go wrong with Banachek's psi series - there's 4 DVDs to pick up, each focusing on a different area of mentalism (Mentalism for the casual performer 1&2, Psychophysiological thought reading and Psychokinesis) and they're truly great, as is pretty much everything with Steve's name on it!

  8. I completely agree, all of the banachek products I own are fantastic, the material is amazing and the explainations are easy to follow whether it be on dvd like the psi series or written like his Pre thoughts booklet.
  9. i studied lots of stuff through nlp and learning microexpressions.can anybody give me a tip,is it reading the letters through face or thoughts
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