What is the best trick on Theory11 for a intermediate magician who is not great at sleight of hand?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Epjaffe, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. "Best" in what way?
    How do you define "Intermediate"?
    What do you consider "Sleight of Hand"?
    Are you interested in Cards, Coins, Mentalism...?
  2. You could argue that any trick is the best. I won't dance around it though, my favorite effect on the website is Flux and I'll explain why:
    -You can do this one trick over and over again and never get caught (granted you have a good presentation).
    -If you know nothing else you can still do this trick.
    -You hardly need a routine and you can be well known for this one thing.

    -You should learn a gimmickless way to do this trick as well just in case (look at Tequila Hustler)
    -This is a reputation maker for sure. People will constantly be asking you to do it.

    There are a thousand other books that would give you much more knowledge, and you'd get much better much faster. Also, I have no idea what your character is or you performing environment. Lucky for you Flux is flexible.

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