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  1. What is the difference or benifit of walking liberty halves over regular kennedy halves
  2. Generally speaking, Walking Liberties are made up of much more silver than Kennedy halves. Most people find that they feel better in the hands than the Kennedys. Also, since they are more silver, the Liberties don't "talk" as much, meaning they don't make as much noise (so it's not obvious when you have two coins in your hand and your spectators only think there's one). Hope this helps!
  3. It's worth mentioning that if you go beyond just using coins such as shells, you'll pay more for a silver shell than a clad shell.
    Silver coins also tend to feel sticky after use. It's not a big deal, but it's worth mentioning.
    Also silver dents easier, so if you're dropping a lot of coins, you should stick with clad.
  4. i've have both and I do like the walking better in my hands then the Kennedy's
  5. walking liberty are in silver they are soft they don't make noise, that's why top magicians , most of the time, uses walking or morgan dollar
  6. Any coin minted before 1965 is made of 90% silver - 1964 Kennedy halves are the only year they were minted in 90% silver. In 1965, Kennedys alone were minted in 40% silver (for the collector market - half dollars were not widely circulated by then), and in the following year to the present, they are nickel-clad copper, as is all circulating currency.

    The difference is largely circulation; other halves were circulated more, and the relief on the obverse and reverse are worn down to a greater degree (worn down coins are called "slicks" by coin collectors and dealers, "soft coins" by magicians).
  7. Also the cost and quality or a gimmick or normal coin will cost more with the liberty esp since the price of silver has been going up.
  8. The price of '64 Kennedys goes up as well.

    The real problem with walking liberties is that the soft coins ("slicks") is that since there's no real collectability to worn coins, many are being melted down.
  9. You are so right! I've been stock piling them for the last three months as well as morgans. Muhahahah. I think I'll get Jamie to make me a new set for xmas.

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