What is the longest or most difficult flourish as of right now?

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  1. Im not asking for things which are repetitive, like an infnite sybil( just switch grips to put packet in left hand and redo it alot) or something, but one which has different phases and lots of them. something like the Jackson 5?
  2. That's a tough question that I'm not sure has an answer. Most difficult in general will depend on your current capabilities and a lot of moves depend on the teacher...
  3. What about longest? like, most phases or steps?
  4. Jackson 5 is probably one of the longest. I made a flourish myself that's a minute in length.
  5. Most difficult is actually the simple ones, such as the Padiddle, Carnahan fan, or under pressure, mostly paddidle though. Generally the most difficult thing is style and smoothness, which take lots of time and effort, whereas learning many flourishes in the first place is often the easy part (greatly depending on how many you have already learned, and amount of experience, after about 5 unique ones, similar ones are fairly easy to pick up, and it becomes harder to find a challenge).

    Longest is maybe Jackson 5. I also made one that's a minute long called Complicatrix that's based on the dynamo shuffle. Complicatrix is also difficult because it's complicated and long, but I'm not sure about relative difficulty, though I made it to challenge myself.
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  6. Is there anywhere i can see this or a more detailed explanation? I tried digging around online and got a whole lot of nothing.
  7. Yes, but not everything is available for free online.

    Try to contact Brian Tudor and ask him.
  8. Anaconda by Bone Ho

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