What is the official definition of a ‘color change’ in card magic?

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  1. Just curious to know.
  2. Magicpedia defines a color change as a "generic term for any card sleight in which one card is apparently (and often visually) changed into another."
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  3. There's a magicpedia?!?

    Oh of course there is... hopefully with more accuracy though than its general counterpart.
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  4. It's fairly useful for some things but it gives a very brief description of each magic topic, sorta like Wikipedia does except a lot of them seem to have less detail.

    Contrary to popular belief, although Wikipedia isn't an accepted "credible" source for papers and whatnot, it's usually pretty good for getting a surface level understanding of something. Most, if not all, articles have sources at the bottom you can check too.
  5. From The Amateur Magician’s Handbook:

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