What is this called ?

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  1. At 1:20, david lets him pick, what seems like free choices, and he knows all the cards
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  2. I'm not sure how much of this T11 would want me to say, and I don't want to ruin this effect (I've never seen it before but it's awesome)

    Jimmy really does have a free choice, but it's already too late

    If you don't know how it's done then keep learning card magic and come back to this video in a few years, you'll see it with different eyes that way
  3. Well okay that was answer enough, thanks a lot bud!
  4. Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz! It is Jumbled Divination with packets :), on the chapter on tricks with the Full Stack, classics. It is amazing! But you can do this with any memorized deck, like Si Stebbins or Chased or Aronson stacks. David Blaine performs tricks from Mnemonica A LOT!
    Valko I don't think this was the method that you were thinking of... :/.
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  5. Also he uses a false shuffle called the Manfred shuffle from Dan and Dave. Look into that material
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  6. thank you as well! :)
  7. I didn't spot that it was specifically mnemonica (I don't use it a whole lot), but I noticed it was a stack :) I wasn't going to mention the false shuffle, but the combination of the two is what I meant by "already too late"
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  8. david blaine is one of those magicians where you have to watch the trick over and over again to figure it out
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  9. Well, if you have a well established foundation of knowledge regarding magic, most of what he does is pretty easy to figure out if you are so inclined. Personally, I always try to turn the magician brain off and just enjoy performances when I see them. Which is probably why I find performances where the method can't be ignored to be so frustrating - the presentation is so bad I can't help but figure out the method.
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  10. study magic more you will find out at some point
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  11. Im sorry for reactivating this old thread, but i have question relating to this trick.
    I know the mnemonica stack and I own the book by Tamariz.
    But where is the card force described, which is used by david blaine in that trick?
    Is it something like dai vernons mental force, described in expert card technique?

    Getting a hint, where to look for this effect, would be very kind.
  12. Dude, it is called Jumbled Divination in his book. It is not a force. You can do it with any stacked deck. p240
  13. Thx for your help, but i dont get it.
    I have read that chapter already. Im not asking about the five cards in his hands, Im asking about the selection. In jumbled divinination you cut to a selection. But here the guy has a choice to pick one of five cards? What am I missing?
  14. They pick a packet of cards, then you get a break on the card that was above the first card of the packet, and peek that card you have a break on. Then you proceed to name the next 5 cards of the stack. :/
  15. At first: I really appreciate that you are trying to help me. Thank you very much...

    But again, Im NOT asking about the five cards in the spectators hands in general.
    It´s obvious, that a spectator could pick any five cards of a stacked deck and that those cards can be revealed by peeking.
    But in the video above, jimmy fallon is ask to chose one of the 5 cards in his mind. Im aksing about how does David Blaine know, which card is selected by Jimmy Fallon.
    I dont think i have read about that in mnemonica.
  16. I know this is super late and I have been looking for how to figure out how he knew the exact selection. It is a meal subtley if you are still looking for it
  17. Thank you, but I found in between.
    Asi Wind has in repertoire a similar effect, where he describes the selection.
  18. Yeah, I just got the book by JT and I was wondering how they both did the tricks, after learning the stack I figured it out, they have some good subtleties
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