What is this effect called?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by KonTW, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I just saw a Video of a "Crazy Magician" in the media section, and there was one trick he does, wich looks
    really interesting:


    The effect begins at 2:22

    Does anyone know the name of the effect, or where I can find it?

    Thanks in advance!

    - Konrad
  2. That is just awesome..how did he do that man..really very impressive..thanks for sharing such a nice post out here..i really appreciate that..although i wonder when is more in coming?
  3. A very promising start, but he definitely goes way overboard trying to be 'crazy' and didn't really choose his effects to enhance that idea.

    I'm not sure about the trick. I assume you mean the card visually changing into another one? Looks like a variation of Aura.
  4. I saw this video the other day and I really enjoyed the character though I didn't really care for the cheesy mad scientist costume at the end. I think Christopher is right about the trick being a variation of Aura (it's sold by Ellusionist if you want to go hunt it down). It does seem to use the same method.
  5. The 'Mad Scientist' is clearly taken directly from Rudy Coby.
  6. I had never heard of Rudy Coby before but after seeing your comment I looked him up. Glad I did.
  7. He was actually one of the first magicians I ever saw (on TV, not live) but totally forgot about him because he kind of disappeared for a while. The Coolest Magician on the Planet or some such. I liked him. The four-leg thing has always stuck in my memory.
  8. He has a really interesting lecture on one of the EMC's.

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