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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Echoedecho, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys :D

    i remembered a trick ive seen before something back, which i believe is some kind of mentalism or prediction trick.

    the magician had a (multi)-folded prediction paper, and the spectator is asked to shuffle the deck, face-ups to face-downs.

    then the magician opened the paper to reveal how many black/red were face-up/face-down etc.

    then he opened up another fold in the paper and revealed that (example) all the black cards were odd numbers.

    and when there is a single even numbered card among the blacks, the spectator reached out to grab it.

    at this point, the magician opened up the paper again to reveal a drawing of a hand holding that card.

    yup, so this is basically the trick, does anyone know the name of it?

    im thinking of getting it some time soon.

    thanks. :D
  2. Simon Aronson's "Shufflebored".

    Edit : I believe Aldo Colombini added the mutliple phrase approach.
  3. Although i do not remember the name or indeed which issue, you are most certainly talking about an effect from the Apocalypse magazines. Sorry I can't be of more assisstance, it is a simple but powerful effect
  4. Yes, it's "Shufflebored" by Simon Aronson. Lennart Green has a version of it, and I think a couple of other guys do too.
  5. Rain Man, Lennart Green
  6. ohh thanks all :D
  7. Have you seen the variation he performed at the mr.beast video he let them shuffles and keep the order of face up cards.
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