What is your favorite flourish?

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  1. Well I guess the title says it all. What is your favorite flourish you can do? What is your favorite flourish you enjoy seeing done (i.e. you can't do it per say)?
  2. Favorite Flourish I do would probably be Kenner's "Five Faces of Sybil." The original and still pretty awesome, as basic as it is.

    Favorite Flourish I can't do is dananddave's Jackson 5.
  3. Pandora (Bucks)
    Eye display (Bone)
    Damn straight (Kevin Ho)
  4. I'm actually practicing one I devised a few weeks ago, still practicing it don't have a name for it, but personally I love under pressure, It get's such great reactions from people who see it because it's so unusual.
  5. Would love to see the one you are coming up with! Sounds interesting!
  6. I'll make a video next summer when I get my camcorder, it's nothing overly complex, but it feels good to be able to say you came up with something. I've also been practicing the tokyo cut, which is a spinoff to the classic charlier, it's nic and is one handed which gives it some ability to be used well in combos...
  7. Pandora Yersh.
    I have my own version its a cross between Pandora, Maddona 2.
  8. Probably Mary Jane.
  9. Charlier and maybe Revolution.
  10. favorite probably tornado cut

    fav i cant do probably kryptonite
  11. Under presure : Grandpa Buck

    TG deck flip: TG murry

    AERIAL: those french dudes from decknique

    My own flourish that i forget the name of (its on my utube acccount)
  12. Favourite to watch is Pandora (Haven't had the time to get that down).
    Favourite to perform is Mary Jane, the fan flip always gets good reactions :)
  13. Mary jane is amazing.
    I dont know why people get so "oh and ah" over it.

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    My favorite flourish to do is Daren's Squeeze cut. It just feels right in the hands. xD

    My favorite flourish to watch is either Pandora, or Jackson Five done right. I've seen people try to go fast, but not smooth.

    (BTW, those are not something I like to see but can't do. I can see and do the Pandora and J5)
  15. My favorite flourish to do is the Madonna
    My favorite flourish to watch is West Coast Chaos
  16. Since I hold my cards in dealers grip with my right hand, my fans always had no numbers. They looked like an all blank deck. So I made up a fan to show the faces. I do a regular fan then a second fan on top of it. I then close the bottom fan to show the top fan. A little confusing I know, but it looks sick. Maybe I could put a video up sometime.
  17. Favourite cut to do: Mary Jane - easy, fancy and nice...
    Favourite cut to watch: Pandora - just plain sexy...
  18. i like to do madonna and molecule 2. the TG deckflip thing for molecule 2 just feels so good in my hands. and i like pivoting packets around in madonna.

    favourite flourish i like to see is some 2 handed one-hand cut combo. preferably containing krptonite.
  19. Pandora, J5, mary jane, madonna
  20. Mayhem and Twisted Rain from Lethal
    Mary Jane and 360 Spider from System
    but the best: dribble :D:D if i have a deck in my hand i do this all the time:cool:

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