what is your favorite gambling routine

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  1. The thread name says it all, but for me it either has to be Aces to Order from Jason England or an effect by richard turner I have yet to find a name to. In it, he has a spectator chose a game and a player's position at the table. He then has the spectator shuffle the deck and he deals each round of cards individually. After each round the spectator shuffles the deck again, and only gives him back a portion of the original deck of cards as large or small as they want. He then reveals the winning hand to lay at the spectator chosen spot at the table .
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  2. Tbh I really like Woody Aragon's self-working "Blessed Poker" routine. Not really a gambling demonstration but it is a poker routine and it's very deceptive.
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  3. lorayne's poker deal found in close up card magic
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  4. My favourite one is finding the 4 aces(with the method in 52kards). Doing something like twisting the aces with them, shuffling them back in the deck, ask them to give a number for the players and their positions, and dealing them to where the spectaror is sitting.

    P.S. pardon my ugly description of this beautiful effect. It is much more beautiful than I described here.

    P.P.S. on a side note, I also like to perform 3 things, heritage and diamonds by madison. (Or at least my handling on the idea)
  5. That is my favorite too. I got to see Woody perform it at a workshop and it was just wonderful fun.
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  6. The one by Richard Turner I don't think is an actual trick, it's just him being one of the best card mechanics in the world and showing how he can cheat at cards and would probably take years to decades of practice.

    As for gambling routines, I really enjoy visual card magic so I worked Shin Splint (1 or 2.0 both work) into mine. I basically say we'll play a two-player game of poker and I'll deal out two hands. They'll get a full house and I'll get a garbage hand. They've "won", but then I say something like "wait lemme try to beat you one more time. To be fair, I'll only deal myself 4 cards because penalty" or some bogus rule like that. I'll deal myself another garbage hand of 4 cards, then I'll switch those cards out for the 5 cards in Shin Splint. Then, I do Shin Splint to reveal myself having a better hand, but it technically isn't a poker hand because there's only 4 cards. The fifth card is already hidden so I just reverse it and produce it face up so that the spectators don't realize it was the fifth card in the twisting the aces part. I know it's a garbage explanation, but I didn't want to detail the method exactly.
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  7. The best part is, I've had people describe the trick as them shuffling the full deck and dealing the cards yet I am still dealt a Royal Flush every time. The trick is great but I wish it was that cool lol.
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  8. Magician Versus Gambler is my favorite. It has a great story that draws people in, allows for your favorite fancy false cuts and shuffles, providing eye candy to go with the intriguing story. And it has a great ending! After it appears the magician fails, and has lost the bet to the gambler, the magician emerges triumphant, pulling off an incredible magical transformation of 3 cards that's hard to beat. It's one people remember and ask for by name.
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  9. I've been meaning to learn that trick. Do you have a source? Like a book
  10. https://www.conjuringarchive.com/list/search?keyword=magician+vs.+gambler

    I'd recommend checking out the Hugard and Lyle version in Jinx (you can get free access through Conjuring Arts), the Brother John Hamman version (The Secrets of Bro. John Hamman is a great book) and Paul Harris's Magician vs. Mentalist vs. Gambler which also is in Art of Astonishment, Volume 1.
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  11. Thank you!
  12. It will be years before I am skilled enough to even come close to attempting, but Daniel Madison's 'DEAL' is absolutely insane. I know it's more of a demonstration of card cheating, but nevertheless the effect is astonishing.
  13. Jack Carpenter has an effect that I have been working on where you deal 3 killer hands out of five. You demonstrate a center, bottom, second third and fourth deal in the process. Everything is very clear and fair.
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  14. Jack Carpenter's Ultimate Hold Em quickly became one of my favorites. Martin Nashs Title Bout was probably my earliest Gambler vs Magician style tricks I ever learned and gets amazing reactions. The drunken poker deal from Scarne, Vernons Poker deal...omg there are too many to name at the moment.
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  15. I have an original ace cutting routine with a hofzinser ace problem kicker that I enjoy doing
  16. David Malek's Ten Card Poker Routine
  17. I think Richard Turner isn't one of the best he most likely is the best card mechanic. I think Bro John Hamman has a few of the best gambling type routines surely the best Royal flush tricks. Especially his Poker Palm Routine. I have a video of me trying to do it lol.


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