What is your favorite TYPE of effect?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ninja, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. just like the title what is your favorite T&R, levitation, is this your card whatever.

    me personally it is most likely T&R especially after the T&R project.
    it is either that or transpostioning or a penatration of some sort

    i am a modern magic kind of guy so i like my things hard hitting and visual how about you?
  2. I love hard-hitting, visual, transporting card magic. I actually have a whole routine of just transposition effects. Peace!

  3. My favorite types of effects are stuff WITH cards. Not card tricks. So I mostly do vanishing decks, transpositions, color changes. I really don't like pick a card tricks cause everyone expects it so I try to do something different and something not everyone is expecting when a magician walks up to them.
  4. Mind reading effects and visual card and coin magic.

  5. i like money magic(especially coins)...because everyone wants, loves, and has money...its just so ordinary

    I also like mixed mental effects...like stuff that has mentalism and cards (stigmata, irreversible, invisible deck) or mentalism and money
  6. Any type of Mentalism-based effect gets my vote.. along with coin/money magic.

    That said though, I do enjoy my card effects and they do make up most of my stuff. I also really like magic with normal objects.. like, extremely normal objects.
  7. I've always had a soft spot for fire magic.

  8. OH and I forgot to mention that I really like levitations/vanishes/appearances.
  9. Well, I'm not sure if it's the type of effect, but I love it when I perform a trick and the spectators are just silent and just are saying things under their breat, then a minute later they start shouting.

    I love Sandwich effects and mentalism that needs nothing like Pk touches, and a pulse stop.
  10. Hard hitting card and coin magic and shoe magic.
  11. I like vanishes and productions.
  12. My favorite effects would have to be any one where I borrow something from the spectator such as a dollar bill or something and do something extraordinary with it. That way they have no doubt in their mind that the object was normal, i.e. moving the insignia across a signed borrowed dollar bill across the bill face, from DG's Fraud. Also any effect where I can give them a souveniour such as a card with their signature on it.
  13. i personally like anything impromptu (meaning it can be done any time any where)and not involving gimmicks.i would say Witness is my alltime favorite effect
  14. Magic involving unusual things is a favorite of mine. Examples are Paul Harris' "Foot-Sized Rock From Shoe Production" and my follow up shoe from shoe production, leaving you barefooted. Pen magic as well, not pen spins, and newspapers from time to time. Magic with things people arent expecting
  15. i'm obsessed with penetrations!! :D

  16. Oh the double entendre!
  17. Levitations and extremely visual is my thing. To have a card disapear in the deck is good but seeing it disapear is amazing.
  18. I like card and mentalism tricks.
    Favourite Card effects would be, Triumph, colour changes or mental card forces.
  19. I actually like transpositiongs, and TNR effects.
  20. I like it when something changes into another, transpositions, productions, and many others. Visual stuff too, penetrations and changes.

    And also, the few mentalism acts that I know of. :D

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