What is your favourite Theory11 deck?

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  1. Purely from the perspective of aesthetics (not handling), what is your favourite Theory11 deck? And why?
  2. Not sure why, but I love the back designs of the Monarchs. I also like the Tycoons a lot.

    Although I do like the aesthetics of the Mystery Box and NPH decks, the reason these are probably my favorite decks produced by Theory11 is because of the secrets they contain. It's easily the most fun I've had with a deck of cards and I really hope T11 releases more decks like this in the future lol.
  3. I loved the bee stingers a lot.
    Medallions and Sentinels are really nice.

    But I have to say, my favorite aesthetically are the gold monarchs.
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  4. Any deck with gold foil is honestly super aesthetically pleasing imo. But the Gold Monarchs are probably my favorite.
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  5. Mine have been Monarchs. But finally got ahold of Gold Monarchs when I purchased Gatsby, which is the only book trick I own. My other favorite are the Artisans. The back design has an elegance that I cant get over.
  6. I love the Red Monarchs, the backs of them are amazing. And if you get Gold even better.
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  7. I'm a personal fan of both the Rarebit Golds and High Victorians. The Gold detailing on the Rarebits is very defined and aesthetically pleasing. The intricate design of the High Victorian's box and ace cards make me love that deck as well.
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  8. Very strange choice, but I love the unions.
    And NPH is second
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