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What kind of features or gadgets would like to have available to use on your shows?

Oct 5, 2018
Hello Magicians everywhere!

I am an electrical engineering student and some friends and I are deciding what project should we do for this year.

One of the main ideas is to develop a system that solo artists everywhere could use to enhance their shows.

A group member is a solo magician himself and mentioned how annoying it can be to not be able to perform some stunts or effects without an extra person in some shows. To change that, our idea would be to develop an easy to program system where simple movements or subtle sensors could respond to the artist and help him deliver his show.

So if you have any ideas, problems or suggestions of parts of your show that could be improved or automated in such a way feel free to leave here.

Anything would be greatly appreciated and if this project is taken forward we could deliver the results back to you.

Thank you all ;)
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