What kind of move did you invent?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering: What move did you come up all by your selve? Even if it already existed.

    For me it was a sort of flourish that happen al around and on the deck in your hand. It never really leaves my hand.

  2. tell me what you think...

    my own top shot...but is a switch and also a color change...also I can shoot a DL...

    The Rage Shoot...avaiable in "The Lost Manifesto"
  3. Sounds real nice :D

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    I crated a new steal from the center of the deck, I still havn't seen anything close to it, so fingers crossed that someone else doesn't discover it ;)
    As well I have an original color change that I came up with and have also not seeen aything close to it.
    Like most people I think I have some ides shooting around of things that may work, just got to get the time to play around with them ;)
  5. I 'created' the Kelly Bottom Placement. :/

    I have a new control that I haven't seen anywhere else (I'm afraid to look) from center of a spread to the top or into full palm.

    Not a move, but I also created a way to do card to wallet with a normal wallet, very clean and fun to use.
  6. Why be afraid to look? its better to know that something has already be done, than to release it and be accused of ripping it off. Also look at the light of the situation, if you were able to create a move independently that a great mind had already thought of, it means that you are on the right track to creation because as they say, "great minds think alike".
  7. i created a sweet top card palm. it also acts to retain a top card during a cut.

    and a couple false cuts.

    i've created a double lift to..
  8. Quoted for truth. For me there's never really been a time I've created something worth trying it out. But I do have a few ideas that are on the back-burner that I'm trying to bring back. Hopefully I can get more ideas flowing than ever before
  9. I came up with the exact Winter Change. You just can't imagine how much laught I had when I realized that this is not new at all.
  10. I've created a control called The Imposter Control, which is angle proof, and a color change based on the waterfall flourish called The Stork Change
  11. I try to be a performer first. So I don't create to create. Sometimes I stumble upon something on my own. and play with it. May even use it for kicks. More of a creative exercise for me. I don't need to work on creating a new double lift or color change or pass, as there are already a million different ones that suit my needs and desires. Although I have come up with a few of those... Of course, I'll always lean towards the polished already established moves. If I'm creating I want it to be something organic. Not a card move or coins. Something worldly.
  12. lol, if I ever planned on releasing anything I would definitely do research on it, and also get other minds in on the looking and research.

    I'm not actually afraid to look, but right now I'm content believing I'm the first.

    I also remembered, I have a new idea adding to the DG Boxsteal to add to the list of 'invented' moves.
  13. I "discovered" the exact application of the gimmick used in Postmentalism. My bad. I also "discovered" a coin sleight which, lo and behold, was put in print by a well known mentalist about a month later. Awesome.
  14. Well, i have made a DL... And an amazing sandwich effect that i will have to put a video up of soon. so be on the look out for that!
  15. Subliminal messaging there? ;)

    I invented the Kelly Placement as well, and an original color change, actually.

  16. I invented..... THE DOUBLE LIFT! All shall bow before me now lol jk
  17. I've created a card force/utility move called Sense of Touch from about 4 years ago. I also have my Spring/Kras Change which is currently available in ebook format and is by far my favourite creation.
  18. I invented card tricks. No one did magic with cards before i came along.


  19. Well said. I stand on the shoulders of those that came before me and use their creations and ideas to create... magic. I use others moves with my plot and my patter to show my audiences what is impossible.

    I suspect that learning a sleight takes less than 10% of the time as inventing one. While other folks invented (or re-invented) a move, I learned at least 10 sleights.

    Also, how many of the moves you've invented do you use in a effect (other than a "look I can find your card in a really unique way") with patter (other than than the typical "say-do-see" explanation of what is happening)?

    And yes, I'm a little cranky this morning.

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