What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

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What is your favorite way of palming a card ?

  1. Classic palm

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  2. Gambler's cop

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  3. Tenkai Palm

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  4. I don't have a favorite, it really depends on the situation

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  5. I don't palm cards

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  1. Hi guys !

    I always thought that palming a card away from the deck is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal ; it allows you to perform under conditions that would be impossible otherwise, and gives IMO a more "realistic" feel to what you do. The thing is, I just realised recently that I was more and more into the gambler's cop since I discovered it, thanks to Daniel Madison. I'm now to the point that though I can perform a quite decent one handed top palm, I rather cop the card if the situation allows it, I just feel it's a more natural way to hold the card.

    One the other hand, I've never felt that the Tenkai palm was suited for a real world performance, but several magicians seem to use it out there with ease and succes (Peter Harrison uses it a lot, for example, in his "Magic in the Real World" book)

    So what do you guys think ? Do you feel comfortable with the tenkai, do you use one way of palming more than the others and why ? Any tip would be greatly appreciated !
  2. You should probably mention the side steal and the diagonal palm shift. DPS is my favorite but it is situational.
  3. The side steal is a way to control a card, not to hold a palmed card out of the deck if I'm not mistaking ? Is the DPS a palming technique ?

    But indeed I forgot to mention the startling palm available and d&d (can't remember the creator's name, sorry :-|
  4. One hand top palm into classic as i hand the deck out or table the deck :)
  5. I see... I misunderstood the question. By palms I usually think of ways of getting into the palm as well as how they are held. Sorry 'bout the confusion. In that case, Classic. I don't block my tenkai very well. I have had some success with the gamblers cop and I like the fact that it is super easy to get into. Also I think you tend to hold your hand more naturally with the Gamblers cop. Nevertheless, I always feel like I'm walking around with my fly undone hoping no one will notice.
  6. Yeah I totally see what you mean by that, at first it completely felt like it would NEVER work, and that I was going to get caught, but after trying it more and more often, at first when it had nothing to do with the trick (thus having less consequences if being seen), I got more confident with this palm.

    Unlike the tenkai palm, with which I've been caught almost everytime I've tryed it... :( Maybe I'm doing it wrong ?
  7. I do the tenkai and the left hand palm taught in EATCT for the DPS but I dont do it from a DPS. I agree with AaronWestwood though, my absolute favorite palm is the one hand top palm. In my opinion, it is the most efficient and invisible way to do card to pocket with your dominant hand.
  8. gamblers cop and top palm i think are the most versatile moves when it comes to palming.but to me its not about which is better or not its more about what gets the job done at the time
  9. I use the classic more than any other, a handling of Vernon's Topping the Deck Palm and one other that I've been playing with are my main ways of getting into it.

    I've had success with the gamblers cop, but not the tenkai. I think the gamblers cop is great for certain situations, none of which I find myself in when performing these days.
  10. IMO, the nice thing about the gambler's cop is that you can use it as efficiently seated as well as standing, which is not always the case with the other palms... To me when you use the tenkai you have to hold the deck or to turn to your side in order to keep it invisible, otherwise it's really easy to get caught
  11. to me gamblers cop looks so natural when performed right.but then again it all depends on how confident you are when performing it
  12. My most used "Technique" to get into classic palm would have to be the One handed top palm along with a sidesteal, But as everyone has said it usually depends on the situation and the kind of people you are performing for.

    Palming is great fun when no one realises your doing it!

  13. I think that you should be asking what technique people use to get into these palms, rather than the palm itself. It changes things quite a bit.

    As for me, probably a Joe Berg palm to hold out one card.
  14. one hand bottom palm
  15. Haha! That one is Burley! I have been working on that quite a while and just can't get it looking smooth or natural. I'm Jealous!
  16. I use it more for the top card (holding the deck face up). It is real bad a** when you hand the deck to someone or place it on the table and go straight to the pocket.
  17. You don't mention lateral palm? I would say that for table situations, it is by far the best. Classic is too rigid, gamblers cop feels awkward hiding the bottom end, tenkai is a bit too angle sensitive but lateral palm feels so normal in your hands at a table. For proof just look at Lennart Green's Green Magic vol 1-7. For standing casual situations gamblers cop is preferred, I had similar doubts with it but after using it a couple fo times and understanding what could be achieved with it I fell in love. Copping the bottom card dropping your left hand down and offering the deck with the right feels absolutely amazing and looks perfectly normal. Can't remember the name of the trick but Daniel Madisons 3 card prediction off Dangerous is one of my favourites to perform and taught me how useful the cop is and how natural it looks.

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