What magic trick describes your social life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! Its time to play yet another game. Last week's was a lot of fun. I believe these will start going up on Wednesday but IDK.

    Anyway, I want you to take any magic effect or product that describes your social life (or love life) and explain why.

    I know this task might not be as good as the last two, but we will see. As always have fun everyone!
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  2. Any practical Sansmind's trick

    Because it doesn't exist!
  3. Expert at the card table.

    It's complicated.......
  4. Loops

    Doesn't last a month.......

    (BTW I'm just looking back over these. Its pretty sad....)
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  5. Triumph

    It looks chaotic from the outside but it's not that bad.

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  6. How about an uplifting one?

    The Ambitious Card

    Bury me all you want. I'll just keep rising to the top.
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  7. Paper Balls Over the Head

    Because it disappears and never comes back :D


  8. Loops

    Because my life is in a never ending loop where every day blends into the next
  9. Runaway joker
    cuz every time I try to meet someone socially they just run away
  10. Linking rings. It's all about being connected to people.
  11. Torn and Restored..

    No matter how many times I'm torn apart, I always get back together...
  12. Anything by Jibrizy ..

    Looks alright but needs lots of coaching..
    Story of my life..
  13. This is my favorite so far
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  14. Professor's nightmare.

    Cuz I've learned you can't judge by appearances.
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  15. Xavior's rise.

    You try to get to the top, and rise among the rest. But soon find out it may be the most difficult thing ever.
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  16. Any type of pass.

    I only get it right 1 out of every 100 attempts.
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  17. finally a post on these forums that is actually worth commenting on. Sharp Money.
  18. Magic in general

    Lying and Cheating [Just a joke, maybe :)]
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  19. Scotch and Soda.

    I take entertain drunk people for a living...
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