What magic websites do you visit often?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. What magic websites do you visit on a regular basis?

    I only visit two, which are booked marked.

    www.theory11.com / forums (of course) and www.magicweek.co.uk

    What other websites related to magic do you like to visit?
  2. Theory11.com



  3. Wow, I bet we visit more magic websites than the whole theory11 crew...:eek:
  4. By the way, I'm fairly new so I want to create a battle and I'm not sure..
    Anyone up for a battle?
  5. My two main sites are Theory 11, and Ellusionist. My main source for magic is Cal Magic, a shop near where I live.

    I'm not really buying very many effects right now though.

    Ellusionist is starting to let me down.

    I also check out Geek Magic and Wayne Houchin's site everyonce-in-a-while.
  6. Nobody checks The Magic Newswire? All those good interviews with magicians--I really recommend it. Awesome interviews with a lot of the top magicians.

    That, Theory11 and iTricks (and every now and then the Magic Cafe and Wayne Houchin's site) are pretty much the only sites I visit.
  7. Theory11. That's it, honestly.
    Though while everyone's on other websites I'm out performing. Just putting it out there.... :p
  8. theory11.com


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