What makes a great deck review?

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    I've been collecting cards for a little while now (3 months ish), and I decided to make a reviewing channel on youtube. Although at the moment there aren't any reviews on there.

    I'd really like my reviews to be popular and unique compared to other youtube reviewers, SacProductions101, TheCardists and DeckReview. I know I probably won't be as popular as them, but I want to try my best. So I've decided to ask you, what makes a great and unique deck review? To help you decide on what decks you should buy etc.

    Please help me out, by replying. It'll be a great help.


  2. Soooo whatcha do is go spend a day or two looking at other video reviews or reading reviews on forums and take notes, then figure out what makes you unique or what you want to do differently and go from there.

    I'll gladly critique for free anything youve put the time and effort into creating but I'm not going to do the work for you.
  3. There are no great deck reviews because many of them are pretty much redundant.
  4. You should have a standard like Bicycle and make your ratings stem from it.
    So if you your rating the durability it might be good to reference a Bikes durability as a 5 and this deck's as a 6 and so on.
  5. My advice would be practice the flow of the review. Too often we see reviews and we sigh, cause it's a 9 minute video, and we know it's just gonna be this guy talking about random things for 9 minutes. Cut your review up into sections, do a little editing on your video before uploading it, and make it a cohesive, solid review rather than just talking about why the deck is awesome for forever.

    That might not make your channel unique, but it's something that I think people would appreciate (well ok, I would anyways)
  6. I would try to keep your opinions out of the review for most the most part, because the viewer can form his own opinions of the deck and doesn't need to hear you keep saying "I really like this deck". I would keep it under 2-3 minutes and give useful information about the way it handles.
  7. Definitely keep it short. The entire unboxing process is unnecessary. If you perform card magic or XCM a lot then you're going to know the basics that will be required of a deck in order to be functional. I'd cover those basics, and then talk about the visual appeal. maybe compare it to a standard bike deck? But I'll Echo Dan here. If you go over three minutes then you're probably running too long.

    I would also think of some kind of format, or flow to your videos and then ensure that every video follows that formula. That way things are easy to follow and your viewers will be conditioned to know generally what to expect from you.
  8. I bet most people, including myself, wouldn't know the difference between decks if first saw them, and then later were blindfolded and told to guess which deck was which... :)

  9. You should see Mark Hilkemeijer's deck review channel. (DarkReviewZ) His reviews are short, to the point and he has a neat system according to which he rates the cards in different fields such as magic, gambling, collectors value etc. He does a lot of research for each video and they are the best reviews I have seen. Here's the link to his channel http://www.youtube.com/user/cards

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