What makes a magic trick?

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  1. In magic I often hear people say that good patter is what makes a magic trick. While this is in part true I believe that the connection made between performer and spectator is far more important. I would like to hear some people's thoughts on this. A thread was most likely started befor like this I apologize I do not want to hear comments like this just what do you think makes an effect?
  2. Something impossible makes an effect.
  3. I might not be able to say this on t11, but there is this e-book on penguin magic for free it can REALLY help. It's free and the ideas in it are very useful!
  4. I am just asking people opinions on what makes and effect amazing :)
  5. The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige. :)

  6. Nice one!:D
  7. I believe you are correct when you say the most important thing is the connection between the performer and spectator.

    David Blaine uses very little patter yet still connects with his spectators, this is why he gets insane reactions from relatively simple effects.

    Wayne Houchin also talks about this somewhere, I think it might be in the recent roundtable discussion.

    It doesn't matter if you've got a load of patter if you don't connect with your spectators you'll probably just bore them.
  8. That made me smile :) Thanks for that.!!!
  9. The pledge, the turn, ... oh wait already taken.:D
  10. I think, that if your patter is good - well, then it might help to get connection between magician and spectator.
    However, you should have your own type of patter, and it shouldn't be to boring :)

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