What music will you use in your magic?

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  1. i wood go for some of the 50's and the 80's and some films ones the lots boys is the best one on cd so what music will you use in your magic then?to so who u are and what u like about the world u like at this time.
  2. Dana hocking's music! perfect.............
  3. well first of all, learn to write in english, I really don´t like the way you write not everybody here gets what you are trying to say...

    well now for the topic, I always use Dark Music like Diary Of Dreams, also I like other music like 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin,Moonspell,Assemblage 23, Kutless and Flamenco

    I know Dana Hocking does great music, but since the deception project was released everyone is using his music and I don´t really like that, don´t get me wrong, I myself like his music, but now is everywhere!!

  4. A lot of times music is injected to cover the lack of presentation and showmanship skills. I would say improve on those then you dont have to cover your art with someone elses.
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  6. Actually you do... dana does give you permission to use his music to your magic just not to sell it .

  7. I thought Dana Hocking said it shouldn't be a problem unless it is used for profit.
  8. Why does no one here present magic as a happy eclectic thing?

    Daaaaang dawwwwwgs.

    Toto - Africa

    Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash

    Boston - More Than A Feeling

    You Get What You Give - New Radicals.

    Geez people.

  9. since like to perform totally mute...i use "test your might" from the mortal kombat movie....

    i'm a big bizzy bone fan when it come to me doing effects that are eye popping and totally revealing....
  10. Bearing in mind that all of my videos are password-locked practice sessions to share with my magician brother on the other side of the country for critique and such:

    I use my own.

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