What pass is this?

Oct 28, 2007
I came up with this while practicing some half passes and somehow, automatically without thinking did it.
I have been doing this quite sometime now but realised just know that it looks quite ok as a pass (I just did it while practicing but had no use for it in my card magic).

So I would like to know if this is Steve Draun's midnight shift? If not, could you outline what pass it might be?
Would you be also so kind to add some sources and or history of the pass?

I realise that the sleight performed well, but that is obvious since I just played around with without even knowing that I was doing a sleight.

This is the video:
PASSWORD: midnight
Mar 26, 2009
yo thats a herman pass variation.
nice variation btw, but a little awkward. work on it a little more and it would look nice
Mar 26, 2009
yeah thats the midnight shift just with a 180 end for end turn instead of 360 all around square up. Your a little too slow and awkward with the initial movement of the packet, just speed it up and it will look good, but its nothing new :(
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
It is nothing new.
You are way too awkward with it. Just loosen up.
Your grip is way to deep/ big, it is way too tight, you are putting too much focus.
Apr 27, 2009
yes, your variation exists;)
but its is cool that you try to create new moves.
when you want to do a pass in a situation like you showed in your video, so after a spread: try a spread-pass. It is much faster and even if the spectators look at your hands, they wont see anything;)
Oct 28, 2007
Guys thank you for your answers.

As outlined in the first post, I did not want to show off my skills but rather showing how the sleight I was accidentally playing with looks like. I wanted to ask what pass this might be.

I do not intend to learn this pass because I personally think that the midnight shift (If this is the midnight shift) looks to akward.

Thank you for your ansers.
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