What should I say?

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  1. If a spectator asks if magic is real.. what should I say?
  2. "It is as real as you want it to be."
  3. Depends on their definition of magic. For me magic is the ability to take someone from reality and emerse them in an experience they could not experience otherwise like watching a movie or going to see a play for example.
  4. My response is usually something along the lines of "No. Well yes. Sometimes. Depends on the weather" or something stupid like that.
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  5. Just say yes.
  6. How would your character answer?

    I say something like, "Yes, magic is absolutely real. It's just not what most people think it is."
  7. That is the best answer which communicates all the needed effect in just 2 sentences instead of 2 books.
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  8. Depends on what you feel, right?

    There's no guide-book to questions like these, whatever you can come up with is an answer to this question.

    You should do some introspection and really think what YOU feel.

    Or else, just use some gags...Antonio's one is pretty good tbh :)
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  9. I usually put on this persona of being clumsy where it seems like the magic just kinda happens and I'm not sure why or how it does.
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  10. Some great replies by other members here. I take kind of a comedic approach to those kinds of questions from spectators. On one hand, I don't want to tell a bald-faced lie, since most everything I do depends on sleight of hand, subtlety, math, or in some cases, clever gimmicks, but on the other hand, I don't want to flat out say, "No, magic isn't real." So, on those occasions that I am asked the question, "Is magic real," or something similar, I jokingly say, "Why yes, of course. In fact, I can magically triple your money. Just place all your money here in my hand." As they brighten up and/or act as if they are reaching for their money, I say, "I will take it home tonight and if it works, I'll send it to you in the mail." Never fails to bring a smile...
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  11. I'd watch Chris Ramsays video on the matter: "getting caught doing a magic trick!! (How to deal with laypeople)".

    He covers what he personally says and more like "what do I say when people ask how I did that" and "what to do when people tell me to show their friend".

    I hope this helps.♤

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