What should my next marketplace release be? You decide! **POLL**

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Which effect should I release next?

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  1. Boxed Reset

  2. Earl of Triumph

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  3. Drawing a blank

  1. I will be releasing some more material on the marketplace, but curious which you guys wanna see next? Here are the options:

    1. Boxed Reset:

    The Magician removes 4 aces and 4 kings. He places the 4 kings inside the box and places a spectator's hand over it, making it impossible for the magician to put anything else in or take anything out. Then, one by one, the magician cause each ace to turn face-down (one of wich happens visually as you see it go face-down n slow motion.) Then once all 4 cards are facedown, the magician turns them over, revealing them to be the 4 kings. The magician opens the box and shows that the 4 aces are now inside the box. Everything ends clean and can be inspected. No extra cards or gimmicks.

    **Difficulty: Moderate. Anyone who can perform an Elmsley count will not have any trouble with this.**

    2. Earl of Triumph:

    The magician shuffles up a deck of cards then explains to the audience that he will use the help of 2 of his assistants to find a card. Who are these assistants? Why the two jokers of course! A card is selected and lost into the pack. The two jokers are then also lost into the pack and the magician shuffles the deck. He then shuffles half the cards face-up and half the cards face-down. He sets the cards down and tells the spectator to whsper the name of their card to the jikers in the deck. With a snap, the deck flips over in the magician's hand. The cards are spread to show that every card is now face-down except the two jokers who have trapped 1 card between them. The card is revealed to be the selected card, however that's not the end. The jokers are better than you think, because in the process, they managed to also put the deck back into order again. There are some fun convincers in there, but overall it is a pretty standard and straightforward triumph effect.

    **Difficulty: Moderate. Anyone who is familiar with any type of false shuffle will have no issues with this. Aside from basic controls and false shuffles/cuts, the routine is pretty simple and straightforward. What you will be learning is the basic triumph effect, however I will be including my own subtleties that make the effect more powerful than the version you prolly already know.

    3. Drawing a Blank:

    The magician removes a pack of blank cards (blank on both sides) and explains he will require the audience to use their imagination. A blank card is chosen and the spectator is told to imagine it has a face on it. The card is placed into the deck and continues to rise to he top. Eventually the magician sets the blank card aside and asks the spectator to name the card they are thinking of so that everyone else can also see it. The spectator names their card and without any switches or funny moves, the magician picks up the card on the table (which never goes near the deck again) and prints the card the spectator thought of. The entire deck is then printed and the magician is ready to perform using the now printed deck of cards. This obviously uses gaffs, but nothing you cannot get at your local magic shop or find online.

    **Dificulty: Moderate to advanced. The reason I say advanced is because the effect requires a lot of audience management. The handling is pretty straightforward and doesn't involve a whole lot of sleight of hand. The payoff is well worth it. I have fooled many a magician with this and I think it is a great opener for any mentalism or card set. (In my mentalism shows I print the deck into a "tossed out deck" and do some more mind reading with it!)
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  2. Tough call, they all are worth publishing, but if I have to choose than I choose drawing a blank.

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  3. Drawing a blank is my fave of the three haha :)
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  4. I will always choose the Ghost Count.
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  5. I must say that drawing a blank is something I could use in my magic abilities. I vote for drawing a blank.

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