What Should The Magician Do?

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  1. I have kind of been thinking about this, and I wanted some other peoples opinions, but how should the magician react to his own tricks?

    I have seen people perform, and they'll do a trick, and when the spectator is reacting, the performer will just stare at them until they stop.

    On the other hand, I have seen performers do a trick (say sponge balls) and when the sponge ball jumps to the spectators hand, the magician immediately says something like "AHHH OMG the ball!!!! It jumped to your hand!!!! How did that happen holy crap?!?!?!?!" It's like the magician freaks out (sometimes more than the spectator.....?) at his own trick...

    That is what got me wondering this question. What is an appropriate way for the magician to react after he does a trick? What is the least akward way for the magician to react to his own trick or to the spectators reaction?

    I know there is no DEFINATE answer to this but I guess it's just some food for thought to start some discussion
  2. This is indeed a very good question...I am gonna have to think about it, since I really don´t know why I react the way I react...usually silent or when the reaction is really big I just laugh or smile...
  3. I'm kinda the same as Vega. If the audience reactions are ver the top I will usually laugh if they're bad I'll be silent and move n to the next trick. For me it really depends on the audiences reactions :)
  4. Art of Astonishment - Book One, page 5.
  5. Too bad I no longer have AoA :(

    But yeah for me it depends on the reactions. I don't really freak over my own tricks like I mentioned, but I will let the reactions take their toll. If theyre over the top, I'll let it go on a bit, but if theyre not so good, I'll move onto the next trick quicker
  6. Shake their hand and thank them for their time, if it's the last trick and there isn't anything to "rush" into. It allows you to leave if the reaction isn't good, and they can still be amazed on their own if it is.
  7. That's the beauty about magic. Choices.
    Do what you think is best for the situation.
  8. I find it fun to act surprised along with them. I finish my magic set (I work at a restaurant), then just do a little bit of flourishing, as I thank them for their time, and if any of them asks "how do you do that?" I always just smile and say "I don't even know, my hands...they're like...on autopilot or something... man, I don't even know..."

    It's modest, harmless, and fun. Thoughts on this method ^?
  9. An inspiration for how I react came from watching Craig Petty perform Keymaster, which I perform now


    I love the way he reacts like he was amazed by what just happened
  10. hhmm that is a good question... well i think your reaction should be a way of how you are... i mean you dont wanna go out with friends and have a good time then once i do a trick i act completely different ya know... to me i am normally a fun dude that will joke around about a lot of things... then ether when my friends ask me to do a trick or i bring up that i do magic.. i act modest like "okay fine.. why not..." i dont wanna seem too eager to do a trick... then once i do it... as they react i just go along with it... like if they bug out then i will just laugh with them.. if they are quiet then i will joke around with them to get them to laugh... see im a guy that whats to make people happy all the time.. and it shows in my tricks... so the way i react makes them happy too cause it is the same as theirs... =)
  11. it depends on your character. Look at Cardini, the way he reacted to cards appearing, because that was part of his character, that he wasn't really the one doing the magic, the magic was happening to him.
  12. I believe there should be a certain level of honesty, like above mentioned by Sanj and his way of doing things. Yet one must understand to never over do it. Taking credit for the magic that happens around you in the correct manner and the correct time is a subtlety we all must learn.

    Dire task.

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