What story would you create?

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  1. If you where to create your own story behind a deck of cards what would it be?
    It could be about anything a story that carry's the purpose of a deck of cards.
  2. I'd create a story about the Guardian decks being a gift from above and how each one is special and blah blah blah.
    Of course, in real life it would sound way better than that.
  3. I would probably say something along these lines.

    A deck of cards is actually an obsolete language you see in the days of the old A young philosopher with his wits decided to express himself through the work of art designing fifty-four notes. Each with their own rank and design, and each with their own story to tell.

    The first note (Ace)- Represented the archer with accuracy beyond comprehension.
    The Second Note - Represented the life he had and never wanted.

    The Third Note - Represented the amount of siblings he had.

    The Forth Note - Represented his wants and desires.

    The Fifth Note - Represented the road he would take to get there.

    The Sixth Note - Represented how he was going to do it.

    The Seventh Note - Represented what he would take with him on his journey.
    The Eighth Note - Represented what the amount of time he predicted to make his new life happen.
    The Ninth Note - Represented the hardships during his adventure.

    The Tenth Note - Represented what he gave up for it.

    The Eleventh Note - Represented finally capturing his dream.

    The Twelfth Note- What he learn and how everything he thought he knew was wrong.
    The Thirteenth Note- His Serenity of Accomplishment.

    This is what magic to me is all about is going out there and dreaming its what create story's that can be told for centuries. That's the imagination I use to create my stories.
  4. ahh nive thinking there
    i like that story :)

    but for me and my style
    i dont really like stories, no offense
    if someone mentioned the deck
    id just be like yea these are really sweet ass cards
    but of course itll be different for you, because im in high school haha :)

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