What the Heck Theory11?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spadesplitter, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. I love theory 11 and their tricks and cards, but it has been so long since something decent has been posted. More cards and/or tricks!
  2. Read the thread....about MASSIVE RELEASES...and also is about quality, no quantity..

  3. Exactly. High quality products are produced with abundant time and effort, that's why T11 can produce magic that amaze me, amaze you and amaze everyone of our spectators. So be patient.
  4. Go outside, it'll suppress the urge to whine to theory11.
  5. Who the hell are you to expect products just because you want them? Go some where else.

  6. Spade,
    There are some great things heading your way in the near future.
  7. In the mean time, go buy a good book like Art of Astonishment or Apocalypse (Check out my magic reviews blog to check out a sampling of the effects in Apocalypse). Those'll keep you busy :)
  8. Pssst, let me tell you a secret.... you can buy tricks and stuff from other places you know...

  9. quoted for truth!! [ i don't know who said that first but i like it!]
  10. Very very soon. Quality over quantity - and we've been making sure of it now more than ever with what we've got coming.
  11. your killing me with all these secrets JB.
  12. What the hell man ... stop whinning ...

    I know that whatever is going to be release will well worth the wait (4Ws)

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