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    On my other review thread, PhotoShop, you guys told me to review Corner Project by G.

    Now, I can either review Corner Project OR Imagine by G. Your choice. I'm limited on money, but I want you guys to pick which you'd rather see reviewed.

    Corner Project consists of THIRTY TWO different tricks.
    Imagine consists of one trick: Turning a signed double blank card into a thought of card.

    So, this is your choice guys.


    Edit: I really like anything SM Productionz releases. I'm trying to get my hands on everything I can from them, with the exception of CD Prediction and Human Prediction, and then review it here on T11.
  2. c'mon, I've been waiting FOREVER for a in-depth review on the corner. With the corner, you'll have 32 chances to find something you like, but only one with Imagine...
  3. Imagine had fantastic reviews on it in the cafe.
    I heard Corner sucked hard but I'll give it a go.

    Edit: You'll have the review up tonight. A friend let me borrow the DVDs

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