What tricks do you recommend?

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  1. Hey, I've been surfing the net lately to look for some magic. The problem is, there's just too many of them that I don't know what to get. :confused:
    Whenever i buy tricks, i choose wisely because it's not always that i get spare $$ to spend on magic. Almost all tricks i've seen look great from their descriptions but you can't really tell from just that can you?
    So can you help me out here? What tricks do you guys recommend, the kind that people would really remember you for. Now, i know products on T11 and E are cool and very worth it but maybe you can suggest something that's less known. Im looking for tricks that don't require too much props but i am open to the use of gimmicks. Tricks that you can do "right there" and casually... kinda like the self tying shoelace i guess (and those cellphone and mp3 tricks that came out recently) So what do you guys recommend? thanks!
  2. hmmm well...do you have any particular type of magic you prefer though? cards, coins....
  3. Check out B'Wave by Phil Goldstein, aka Max Maven. I don't want to say too much more about it. Just google it, read the descriptions, then buy it. It is cheap. I will tell you I was skeptical at first. But then I got it, based on a friends recommendation, and performed it a few times.
    It fries lay people and is technically easy to perform, so you can spend most of your practice time working on your presentation. It is also only 4 cards, so you can easily carry it with you.

    I also love Digital Dissolve, from Steve Dushek and available here at T-11. You can check out the demo.

    You are correct there is a lot out there. Books are a good way to go too, as you get a lot of tricks for the money.

    Good luck.:cool:
  4. You HAVE to buy an invisible deck.

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