What tricks make your audience say "do that again!"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Antonio Diavolo, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. This may seem random but I'm genuinely curious...

    What tricks do you perform that consistently get the "Do that again!" reaction? For me, it's card to mouth and Double Cross.

    What about you guys?
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  2. I actually have a trick called “Card to Mouth Rewind” where i essentially do CtM 2 times! Haha

    Spongeballs usually gets a “do it again” reaction.
  3. Generally, tricks where the audience thinks that doing it again will allow them to see something that they missed the first time.
  4. Crazy Mans Handcuffs. Luckily, that trick gets better when repeated a few times.
  5. Nothing actually comes to mind. I almost never get that reaction.
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  6. A plain card to mouth. Because they say they want to see the exact moment the card comes out.
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  7. Most things except mind-reading tricks...
    Even one of my coin productions, which gets a lot of reaction, doesn't get that from the same person. Usually, people are like, "Do that again...for my friend here!" And as soon as they say that, the speed with which they conjure a friend beside them makes me doubt if *I* am the magician there after all.

    You know, I feel the tone in which people say "Do that again!" is important. A certain tone implies they were PUZZLED and wanna catch you out, while another one implies that they liked it so much that they wanna experience it again. So maybe, do that again is not always a bad reaction...
  8. card to mouth usually and like said above, they want to see where the card comes out. My favorite is when you do it again and they still don't pay attention to see it. I love it!
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  9. I really like flash paper or other flash product tricks. Since there is no ash and a quick burst of fire it's really fun to use, especially with flash guns. If you just use the paper or cotton you can make it so you produce an object "out of thin air". Some links about this marvelous product.

    from these forums https://www.theory11.com/forums/threads/good-uses-for-flash-paper-flash-cotton.43636/
  10. for me it is stairway and secret card at secret number
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  11. Yep, I do coin to shoulder twice. I do it once and wait for them to ask to see it again, and I do it works great.

    Some of my rubber band work gets a do it again, but for most of it I can do it again and continue with the routine or do it again and it's just as powerful.
  12. "Or not" by Dani Daortiz. Basically, you look away while a spectator cuts the deck wherever they want (or they don't. You don't care), then puts 3 cards (or more (or less (you don't care))) from the top (or the bottom, you don't care) to the bottom (or the top, you don't care), then cuts again (or not). Then, they take a card from the bottom (or the top, you don't care) and put it face up somewhere in the middle. They don't show the cards to anyone, but they can look at it and remember it, whatever they want. They do this 3 times, and put the deck back in the box. You then name the cards they took, and afterwards, you spread the cards out, and the only cards that are face up (or face down, whichever way you spread the cards), are the cards you just named.

    This one is both at the same time.

    On one hand, they think it's so impressive that "he must have done something" and they want to catch me this time, and on the other hand, they think it's really great that I can do it, and want to see more.

    This one is especially great because you can do it as many times as you want, and they won't be able to catch you. The method is very subtle. Unless they know a lot about magic (sometimes even IF they know a lot about magic) they won't be able to catch you. At all.

    And now I am just coming with my own personal experience here, and some logical thinking, so don't hang me up on this. But I think it's important to be confident and control your audience. If you don't have control over them and they start to disrespect you, this is when they will force you to do it again, and try to expose you.
  13. For me it is also card to mouth and crazy man's handcuffs. Like David mentioned though...generally it is when you have fooled them or caught them off guard so bad they "have" to know when the magic happens and want a second try at it :) I usually refrain and do something similar.

    For example: If they liked crazy mans handcuffs I'll go into other rubber band effects which will normally satisfy them.
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  14. I think that's the main reason a lot of people say "do it again!". It's sorta the same reason people say "How did you do that?" as an instant response to most tricks, or at least it seems that way.

    For card to mouth, I actually sometimes say "I want you to look as closely as possible and see the moment the card jumps to the top."
    which some people might say is "presenting it as a puzzle" or it's lazy misdirection but I've found that it works well for me and this trick and really catches people off guard since they're expecting to see a move. Sometimes I'll even do a laughably bad pass and when they go "I saw that!" I'll do the reveal of the card in my mouth.

    So that's kinda why I think a lot of people say "do it again" for me. I'm telling them to look for "the move" and they still miss it.
  15. "How did you do that!" and "How did you do that?" are two very different responses.

    "Do it again!" can be the first, or the second. It depends on the audience and presentation. Sometimes it's just a knee jerk reaction to seeing something that should be impossible. Sometimes it means they want to experience that same feeling again - sometimes it means they think you only got away with it because they didn't know what to expect.

    It's up to the performing to figure out which one is which.
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  16. Yea exactly
  17. Odyssey

    Normally right after the first move.

    Which is great because it sets up the second move (and the next few in my ring routine)
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  18. Without a doubt, the Two Card Monte that David Blaine made famous!
  19. That trick is not called Two Card Monte, btw.
  20. Oh cool! What’s the official name?

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