what us the best change shepherd change /goat change / db spin change? clipshift cha

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    i can do the four changes the clip shift perfect goat change some times fail shepherd dont fail but so slow the db spin change still practicing

    i rly love the clipshift is the best cuz it is used in many routines and many tricks the shepherd is good and easy the goat is awesome and hard the db spin change is good but not clean so i dont say that they are the best for me when i do colour changes i use those shapeshifter twirl snap cardini clipshift working on swing and wheel change by daniel madison i know alot of colour changes but most of them need alot of practice i practice the slights not the colour changes so :D
  2. If you know them all, you should choose. Personally, I have eliminated all of those changes from my repetoire.
  3. There is no best change. Choose a change that works in the context of the effect you are performing. The Clipshift is a great change - but sometimes, using one hand may not make the most sense. The card may not be in the right position, or the performance context might be wrong.

    The GOAT change is another great change, but also a good example. Sometimes, putting a card in the middle of the deck to change it may not make sense. Other times, it's a very clever way to set up for your next effect, which requires a reversed card. And if you're performing for a camera, you may want to go with a more consistent change.

    You may want a fast change, or a slow change - to regulate the tempo of your performance. There are many factors like this that go into a great performance. Use what works best.
  4. Everyone has a different preference. To tell you the truth, I don't use any of these changes up above. It is simply not my style.
  5. There is a story of a magician going up to David Devant and telling him that he knew 100 color changes. Devant replied, that's odd, I only know two. Or something like that.
  6. My favorite color change is when your face turns red when somebody points out your grammar skills need some work.

    ^Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

    As of now, I only like and perform two color changes, both in context of a trick. I use the Cardini Change in Dan and Dave's handling of "The Queens". I also use Casey Rudd's "Acetone Change" (still working on it) in context of a color changing deck routine he has (also working on it).
  7. lol!

    I believe the story related to effects rather than colour changes, but the gist of the story is there... :)
  8. my favorite change is the top change but, I'm working on the Goat change and I use the wave change and ego change from time to time

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