What was that Turnover?

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  1. I'm trying to find a sleight I remember practicing in the 80's, but I can't find it in any of my books. Some have been misplaced over the years. It was a one hand Mexican Turnover type move. You did it with the deck in your right hand while you used that hand to turn over the tabled card using, I believe, the bottom card of the deck. Can anyone tell me what this move is? Or the modern version perhaps.
  2. I know what move you're talking about but can't remember the name or where I learned it! Ahhh, that's annoying;

    It may have been the bottom change in the Royal Road or Expert Card Technique, but I don't think it is.
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  3. I'm wondering if it was Larry Jennings. My copy of his book is in some unlabeled box in the closet.
  4. Paul Curry Turnover?
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  5. Sounds like the turnover change. It is in Harry Lorayne's close up card magic.
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  6. Yeah, I also believe that it is the Paul Curry Turnover Change. I'm looking at the text right now and apart from it being in the left hand, it sounds exactly like it.
  7. Certainly could be. That's the other book that I can't seem to find in whatever box it's hiding in.
  8. Thanks, that one I do have handy.
  9. The change is actually described in Close Up Card Magic, which is the the text I was referring to. My fault, I should have added the source.
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  10. Yeah, that makes sense. I've had Close Up Card Magic for years (wherever it is right now) but I've only had Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond a little while. Good to know it's the same thing. And I'm glad I didn't start practicing what I remembered with my right hand.
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