What was the last effect you were really excited about?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chrystal baller, May 26, 2011.

  1. Really, the title says it all. What was the last effect or routine you were really excited about learning and performing. What was the last effect that really side tracked you and consumed your thoughts in every day life when you were supposed to do something. what was the last effect that made you wake up in the morning, stretch, and say yes! I get to practice or perform BLANK today!
  2. Alchemy by Ben Seidman

    Well, when I learned the method, I wasn't too exited to perform it because I was so nervous but I was really exited to learn it. :)
  3. Middle Telepathy by Max Maven form his book PRISM. The reactions didn't disappoint!
  4. Linking cigarrets
  5. iCandy and Uzumaki...
  6. Most recently Scared by Jamie Daws and before that Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher. Both just feel really pure to me. High impact, can be done in the spectators hands etc. Having a lot of fun with that stuff lately.
  7. Mr E. takes a stroll by John Guastaffero, and Certainty by Cameron Francis !

    The reactions didn't disappoint me hopefully :)
  8. I don't usually have single effect favourites but i was super excited to start working on Mick Ayres materials.

  9. Once I finally decided to get surfaced and learn the clipshift I was psyched everyday I practiced it and when I could do it well enough I just couldn't wait to try it

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