What was the worst you have ever messed up?

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  1. for one i was doing the invisable deck routine and i gave the a 3 of spades when there card was an ace of hearts. oops
  2. I was doing Muscle Pass. The Chip wasnt properly put. So when I popped it, it sliped and didnt go up. o_O.
  3. I was performing Stigmata V.2 and got a very very Hispanic name like Visanueva or something like that and didn't pronounce it properly.
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    I was doing Indecent (to prevent exposure, I'll just explain it like this: ) it worked for like 5 seconds but failed and everyone could see how it was done. =(
  5. and ive had this folded up card in my shoe the entire evening, and it is.... NOT your signed card!
    *palms off another card
    well, you see, thats because in my back pocket theres another card the 7 of spades! .....which is also not your card!
    dude seriously where the hell is your card.
  6. I was doing this prediction card trick where the last prediction card I turn over is there signed card. I had dropped a card while doing the overhand shuffle control (Massive jetlag, we had just gotten to London about 4 hours ago), and I put it randomly back it the deck, but I saw it was the 10 of diamonds. When I did the final reveal they were like "that's not our card." So I asked what was there card. Low and behold, the 10 of diamonds.
  7. My worst Screw Up... Where to begin... Uh...

    The worst one I can think of is when I was doing a card control and the wind caught their card and hit them in the eye.
  8. lol! That's hilarious...

    In the middle of a GHP, not catching it, dropped the entire deck... -.-"
  9. Doing a little psych routine, The lady asked me to tell her some more stuff about her... i started the (cold) reading and she goes

    "No, no, not like that, be specific. I don't want a cold reading!"

    Haha, she knew what a cold reading was, but that didn't scupper her belief in the psychic ability... there's no accounting for humans!

  10. lol! People are strange. Hence, NIPslip. :p
  11. Made the deck disappear down to one card...your car...wait, oh crap.
  12. I was doing stigmata v2. Lets just say she didn't write a certain something where she was supposed to and I couldn't even begin to guess the name. I just said "okay you win I can't read your mind." She laughed but it was pretty disappointing for me.
  13. that is awsome! :p
  14. once I was performing for a kids show and I messed up some trick, can'tremember what it was and said shi-crap....

  15. I think when i first started years ago i was doing a trick slapping the cards out there hand and the one that stood was theres, i slapped there hand and the wrong card was there, but i aimed bad and bruised them
  16. I was performing card through window next to a building that was FOR LEASE.but it had huge windows.
    Well when i sprung the cards i did it in such a way that i cracked the glass.
    The spectators enjoyed it but i tried to get out of there as soon as possible.
  17. Lol sounds like the magician on youtube, who does a card through car window effect and smashes the window and also gets the wrong card.

    My worst mess- up was just recently when performing clutch, after a long and dramatic build up, I pull out a card and it was the wrong card
  18. My worst mess up was when I performed a trick that involved shapeshifter at the end and instead of the card changing, the dl sprung out of my fingers and... well you can imagine what it looked like. Cards in the face people laughing, it sucked.
  19. When I was 14 I had a "Super X Suspension" to levitate my assistant. It was my big closer.

    One show I didn't tighten up all the bolts correctly. In the middle of the performance one of the bolts rotated and the board my assistant rested on dumped her face down onto the stage. HARD.

    Because of how the illusion works I couldn't just jump down and help her, so while my assistant tried to pick herself up I had to just stand there with my hoop and perform the "floating board" trick.

  20. Worse one that comes to mind at the moment....

    was doing the biddle trick... "now I don't know which of these 5 cards *counts them* (... there are 6 cards?) "Um. I don't know which one of these... 6 cards is yours"

    Turns out I still got it right and it looked better because I had 5 cards left over :p

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