What would happen if all decks got discontinued?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDENredden, May 18, 2011.

  1. What would happen to you if suddenly all playing card companies crashed, and discontinued every deck, never to be opened again?

    How long would your deck supply last? Would you try to sell some? Would you try to make your own?

  2. I think I have enough decks to hold me down for a while. Once those went out I guess I would have to start practicing my sleights with those annoying plastic cards I have so they would last longer. Just thinking out loud but if you think about it, that would actually be pretty cool if magicians were the only ones with "access" to playing cards don't u think.
  3. I'd be ok for awhile. If there weren't any cards left in the world...I guess I would make my own with some thick card stock and my computer and printer. It probably coat them with some type of clear coat afterwards and hope for the best...ha ha.
  4. Probably I'll go to coin magic ;)
  5. then probably ~90% of people who claim to be magicians would have to find another medium in which to express their magic.
  6. In all honesty, I think I would be more worried about what caused the "crash" in the card market more so than how many decks I owned or how long I could perform with what I have.
  7. I suppose I'd just have to plow through 5,000 decks in my storage shed over my lifetime... Shouldn't be too hard. :)
  8. I'll open all the decks I own and start learning a good Torn and Restored routine. Then I'll travel through the world and show everyone this particular effect.

    Then I'll start learning coin magic :D
  9. If card decks were to go out then casinos probably couldn't keep making decks and they'd have to stop using them eventually so I would probably see if they'd give me a bunch of their old ones since they wouldn't be using them anymore because they've already been opened. That or I'd buy card stock and try to make some of my own. If neither of these worked then I'd probably just draw crappy cards on cardboard or on old business cards or something. Actually I've got another great idea, but it's something I already do and it pertains particularly to my character and I kind of don't want anyone copying me so I'm not going to say it at least not yet. I just know I'd probably be fine as a card magician without playing cards. Maybe a better question would be is, what if you couldn't use playing cards anymore due to some random legality or something?
  10. ... go outside and play.
  11. My thoughts exactly.
  12. Where is "outside"? It is in wich country?
  13. I would sell my cards for ridiculous prices to kids. Oh wait...some people already did that with Jerry`s Nuggets..
  14. Crap...I'd have to learn a retention vanish!
  15. Play more Xbox.
  16. i would just sell my cards away and with the money i would start my own uspcc. :p
  17. Me?

    I'd get a life. And not check out magic forums so much.
  18. This is probably my favorite reply.

    I gave up even trying to cram a card bit into the act I'm working on. I wanted to since it seems to be expected. It's just not working. Assuming that all cards suddenly ceased to be printed, I'd probably wait until everyone finished looting mentalism for new ideas. Then, maybe, I would do a trick or two.
  19. Before cards there was coins before that some believe cups and ball being the oldest trick though Sodom and Gohmorah did have a different kind of trick then. :)

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