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  1. That depends. Do you want an honest opinion or do you just want me to say, "Hey, that's cool!"
  2. Honestly? I think you'll regret it.

    Hey, that's just me though, so don't let me down you.
  3. I hope is one of those temporal tatoos...

    otherwise...serious clients won`t hire you...neither restaurants...unles you are criss angel...
  4. Nah, I don't think that's true. For one, he can easily wear a long-sleeved shirt and no one will be the wiser. For two, at least in America, tattoos are fairly common and no longer and instant disqualifier for work. Add in the fact that magicians are kind of supposed to be odd, counter-cultury and I think that this particular tattoo won't be a problem with getting work.
  5. oh well..at least here is like that...they are very harsh towards people with tatoos and piercings...
  6. I've heard that from people I work with, but the OP is in Wisconsin. No worries there.
  7. I don't see the point in it. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  8. Well, here's my thoughts, anyway. First off, let me say that I have tattoos. 9 at the moment and I plan to get several more. I've actually researched body modification and know a fair amount about it, and (unlike many who will dismiss any form of body mod out of hand) I think I have a fairly objective view towards the whole idea of tattoos in general.

    That said, I shall comment on your ink.

    First thought: I hope you never lose interest in magic. That will be a huge pain to cover or remove, and if you stop doing magic you're going to have to explain, repeatedly, why you got it in the first place.

    Second: That's not the best font choice ever. Well, I'm guessing it's a mix between font and choice of artists. The way it's done now makes 'Mundus' look blurry due to how thick the letters are, and how close they are, and 'Vult' looks like 'Owl' for the same reasons. Your artist really should have made the letters a little thinner, or put more space between them. Skin is not as forgiving when it comes to odd fonts.

    I'm guessing you didn't have a nice hi-res picture to work with? This looks like something you printed off the internet and took to the tattoo shop, where the artist just transferred it to a stencil and inked it up.

    In the future I recommend you put a lot more effort into finding an artist instead of someone that will just put ink in your skin, and also in finding an excellent source image.
  9. Having been a tattoo apprentice at one point and knowing a good tattoo from a bad one, I'm going to say the work looks clean! Whoever did it did a good job. However, I am gonna say..I've never been a big fan of getting the same tattoo as anyone else.

  10. I was thinking do myself a temporary tatoo, for a photshoot

    is more like black veins in my left hand...any thoughts or advice?
  11. Its cool.

    I have 8 tats myself. Me personally i just dont like the location. I like to cover my tats with ease, wearing a long sleeve shirt in hot weather is not my idea of fun.

    I hope you though long and hard about this tat. I planned mines very carefully and got ones that has real meaning to me and me only. If you did it dosent matter how old you get you would always love it.

    Kind regards,

  12. Contrary to popular belief, this is not just a tattoo, I was randomly decided to get one day, it had been in my mind for a rather long time. As far as the tattoo, I will admit that it is my first, and I did research a lot of different tattoo artist, and went with an award winning artist in my area. I will apologize for the picture quality, it was taken with the camera on my phone, and the angle of the picture does make the letters seem to be a bit closer than they are. The lines are straight, clean, and look nice.
    As far as getting gigs, The tattoo has not been an issue in any way. I work at a restaurant two days a week, and perform private parties here and there. I do wear a blazer when I perform, which covers the art most of the time, but there are several instances that I do pull the sleeves up. Again, I still have not had any issues, I had gotten the tattoo about a month ago.
    I do have a full time career working at a Bank, I wear a shirt and tie every day to work, sleeves rolled down, no problems there. Another concern I had read was me losing interest in magic, and having the tattoo really mean something to me. I have been interested in magic my entire life, from a child and now into my adult years. I did want to get a tattoo that had meaning to me, and they only thing I would want on my body, is something that I would never grow tired of. Its true I have no intentions on being a professional magician, after all I do have a very stable career, with opportunity to advance more than I already have. But the profits I do make performing magic, I do stick back into magic, new props, books, DVD's etc.
    I posted the picture for this reason, to find out what other people in the magic community think of it. I like what I have read, and looking for more.
  13. dont see the point? Daniel madison has it!! Duh!
    But seriously though,if i were to get a tatoo i would go for something more original or at least something that hasnt been done before. its a tatoo,youll have it forever
  14. If you want to be original, don't get a tattoo. Nowadays everyone and their mother has a tattoo. I am not one to preach but what happens when you are 80 sitting in a church? Your body is a temple, would you want to ruin it by putting ink on it?
  15. Many of the places here in America I have applied to will not, or frown on having tattoos. In fact one Groccery store I applied to HR rep informed me that the company personally will not hire someone with a tattoo because it isn't professional. Also, at my most recent job, my supervisor had both arms sleeved. He had to wear long sleeve every day out in the Texas heat (Six Flags). Not saying you shouldn't have gotten the tat, but I am going to say, I personally would of chosen a more easily hideable place.


    This pretty much sums up some of my feelings.

  16. Considering I don't go to church, this is not a concern for me. Don't assume everyone's life is the same as yours. There's a huge variety of beliefs out there, and to some people getting tattoos is actually something of a spiritual experience, as well as self-expression.
  17. Fair enough. A straight-on shot would probably show it better, then.

    I really doubt it will ever be a 'big' deal. When I'm out performing I display the tattoos on my arms simply because I roll my sleeves up. I'm not making a big deal about it and really the only people that notice are other people with tattoos. I've also got stretched holes in my ears which I've since taken the jewelry out of, but you can still see the holes easily. No one ever notices or says anything. As long as you're not obnoxious about these things, most people will not care and might not even notice.

    The thing is, we frequently think we'll be interested in the same things our entire life. It's also frequently not true. I've known people that got tattoos representing stuff they loved for years and years, only to later give up entirely on the thing. There's a reason for the superstition surrounding getting a name tattooed on you.

    I'd like to see a better picture of it.

    Personally, I'm probably going to be getting some more work done this October when I visit my family back East. There's a shop there that does excellent work and I should be able to get an appointment early enough to have it healed by the time I get back here and have to work again.
  18. Depends on WHO'S name you got tattoed? You wife/GF.. Yeah you'll end up being really pissed if that marriage or relationship doesn't work out in the end.

    You daughters/sons? OK, that MIGHT work..

    You're moms/any other family members?.. sounds kind of weird to me unless you were extremely close to her or she died or something.
  19. It's a long standing superstition that if you get the name of your significant other, you'll end up breaking up with them. The only names I'd be willing to get, ever, is family. Because they will always be your family.

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