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  1. Clean your coins. I have 5 old half dollars and they are dirty but i dont want to just stick them in any cleaner because something might happen to them

    Justin Way
  2. Mix baking soda and water together (not like a soup, it should be more of a paste). Drop your coins in and rub them for an hour or so (watching T.V. while doing this would make it more interesting and go by faster).
  3. Another quick way to clean them is to get an "magic" rub eraser. That's really what they are called. Any kind of good art eraser will work too. Just run the eraser on the coin and it will clean it. Just like erasing a pencil mark.
  4. Silver and copper get cleaned insanely fast with a paste of flour, salt, lime juice and vinegar. That's how we at the kitchen (used to study/work at culinary arts) used to clean the copper cookware and silverware. Rub it, then rinse it, the use a soft cloth to dry.
  5. Toothpaste and Tooth brush.
  6. Cilit Bang. Just drop them in it for half an hour or so. And BANG! The dirt is gone!

  7. I know that ketchup cleans Pennies, so if American pennies are copper it should work with your copper coins. Just get a container and some ketchup (i usually just get some free from mcdonalds) empty the packets into the container (I use a bag) and then put all of your copper coins in it and swish it around. Let it sit for about an hour then rinse them and dry them thoroughly.
  8. THANK YOU! Hahah. I suggest you DON'T clean your copper coins though. They are meant to be dark. It is amazing how much copper coins look like silver coins in most lighting situations. For best contrast, you want them dark and aged, almost like a blackish color.
  9. Wrights Silver cream....not too abrasive and gives a nice lasting luster. Its available at most WalMart or Target stores.
  10. Can you give some more samples? How great your info is! It really useful for me. Thanks.
  11. This is how I do it, give it 5 minutes of good brushing and your coins will blind you when reflecting sunlight.


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